Our Supporters

Building this community wouldn't be possible without a strong set of supporters and believers enabling us to make it happen — the video above shares the journey we're on and the people who make this all possible — read more on the Wall of Love.

Below we've shared just a few of the ~200 investors who are supporting us along the way. These are some of the top entrepreneurs, executives, and investors in the world, including over two dozen unicorn CEOs — it really does take a village.

We recently raised a $20 million Series A to build a modern educational institution for the future of work — you can read more it here on our blog, or here on Not Boring, a newsletter by ODF2 fellow Packy McCormick.

Selected Investors

Keith Rabois
Founders Fund
Chamath Palihapitiya
Social Capital
Anne Dwane
Village Global
Eric Yuan
Founder & CEO, Zoom
Fred Ehrsam
Co-Founder, Paradigm, Coinbase
Adam D'Angelo
Founder and CEO, Quora
Afton Vechery
Co-founder and CEO, Modern Fertility
Charles Hudson
Precursor Ventures
Aparna Chennapragada
CPO, Robinhood
Henry Ward
CEO, Carta
Elad Gil
Co-founder, Color Genomics
Allison Pickens
COO, Gainsight
Dylan Field
CEO, Figma
Julia DeWahl
Starlink Global Operations, SpaceX
Arthi Ramamurthy
Head of International, Clubhouse
Jules Walter
Product, YouTube & Slack
Eric Wu
Co-founder & CEO, Opendoor
Shani Taylor
Head of Customer Success, Airtable
Balaji Srinivasan
Angel Investor and Entrepreneur; former CTO of Coinbase and General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz
Scott Belsky
Founder, Behance & CPO, Adobe
Jen Rubio
Co-founder, Away
Minn Kim
Bloomberg Beta
Lisa Wehden
Bloomberg Beta
James Cham
Bloomberg Beta
Morgan Beller
James Currier
Brad Bao
CEO & Co-Founder, Lime
Dan Lewis
Founder and CEO, Convoy
Jonathan Swanson
Founder / Chariman, Thumbtack
Peter Reinhardt
CEO at Segment
Julia Lipton
Awesome People Ventures
Lolita Taub
Angel and GP, The Community Fund
JD Ross
General Partner at Atomic and Co-founder of Opendoor
Mark Pincus
Chairman and Founder, Zynga; Managing Member, Reinvent Capital; Founder, Work Play Ventures
Qasar Younis
Founder and CEO, Applied Intuition
Eugene Wei
Former product guy at Amazon, Hulu, Flipboard, Oculus
Anthony Pompliano
Pomp Investments
Lee Linden
Managing Partner, Quiet Capital
Phin Barnes
Sneakerhead, VC
Melisa Tokmak
GM at Scale AI, Stanford CS
Ryan Petersen
CEO Flexport
Turner Novak
Early Stage Investor
Sebastian Mejia
Cofounder, President Rappi
Lenny Rachitsky
Author, Lenny's Newsletter
Ben Casnocha
Cofounder and Partner, Village Global
Sahil Lavingia
CEO, Gumroad
Max Mullen
Co-Founder at Instacart
Sander Daniels
Co-founder of Thumbtack
Clark Valberg
CEO InVision
Sam Teller
Investor at Valor; former SpaceX/Tesla
Julian Shapiro
Founder of Demand Curve and Startup Investor
Brian Rumao
Chief of Staff at LinkedIn, Investor at Next Play Ventures
Jason Spinell
Slack Fund
Jack Altman
CEO at Lattice
Dan Romero
Angel Investor
Ankur Nagpal
Founder and CEO at Teachable
Tony Xu
CEO and Co-founder at DoorDash
Avichal Garg
Managing Partner at Electric Capital, Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor
Charles King
CEO at Macro
Gokul Rajaram
Product and Business Helper at Doordash; Board Member in Pinterest and Coinbase
Greg Mauro
Managing Partner, Learn Capital
Ashley Tolbert
Sr. Security Engineer, Netflix
Erika Batista
Head of International, On Deck
Adam Nash
CEO & Co-Founder, Silverback
Siqi Chen
Co-founder of Runway; Board Member of Sandbox VR; Angel Investor
Greg Isenberg
CEO & Co-Founder, Late Checkout
Dipa Halder
Software Engineer at Figma
Zack Kanter
Founder & CEO, Stedi
Packy McCormick
Founder, Not Boring
Brad Menezes
Senior Director of Product at Datadog
Yasmin Razavi
General Partner at Spark Capital
Alexia Bonatsos
General Partner, Dream Machine
Anuj Abrol
Founder, Witty Wealth
Bobby Goodlatte
Co-Founder & GP, Form Capital
Lucy Guo
Founder & General Partner, Backend Capital
Dave Fontenot
General Partner, Backend Capital
Hari Raghavan
Founding Team, AbstractOps; Former Fintech COO; Angel Investor
Heather Hartnett
CEO, Human Ventures
Sara Beykpour
Product at Twitter
Shiva Rajaraman
VP Shops, Facebook
Max Altschuler
VP Sales Engagment, Outreach
Todd Goldberg
Entrepreneur and Angel Investor
Gagan Biyani
Co-founder, Udemy
Ruben Harris
CEO, Career Karma
Soups Ranjan
CEO & Co-Founder, Stealth Startup
Sam Hodges
Co-founder and CEO, Vouch
Jason Tan
Founder and Executive Chairman, Sift
Ariel Poler
Human Augmentation Investor; Co-Founder, Reveri Health
Aadil Mamujee
Head of Product, Automattic; Founder & Angel Investor, Musha Ventures
Josh Duyan
Partnerships, Facebook Reality Labs
Eric Feldman
Co-Founder, Bolt
David Haber
VP, Firmwide Strategy & Corporate Development at Goldman Sachs
Patrick McKenzie
CEO VaccinateCA, Stripe
Steve Schlafman
Founder & Coach, High Output; Angel Investor.
Ellen DaSilva
Head of Strategic Partnerships, hims & hers
Nadia Eghbal
Head of Writer Experience, Substack
Shrav Mehta
Founder and CEO, Secureframe
Justin Mares
Founder, Kettle & Fire
Trevor McFedries
Co-Founder, Brud
Julie Young
Consultant, Independent; Founder, SH//FT
Anthony Saleh
Partner, WndrCo
John Kobs
CEO, Apartment List
Adrian Aoun
CEO and Founder, Forward
Anand Chandrasekaran
Founder, CTO Vue.ai, Mad Street Den
Vincenzo Iozzo
Senior Director, CrowdStrike
Deep Nishar
Senior Managing Partner, SoftBank Investment Advisers
Taavet Hinrikus
Co-founder & Chairman of TransferWise
Jeffrey Kolovson
Founder and COO, Faire
Sten Tamkivi
Entrepreneur and Investor
Tammy Winter
Stripe Press
Jack Abraham
Founder, Managing Partner & CEO at Atomic
Sarah Eade Bengard
Freelance Writer
Sriram Krishnan
Founder, Kearny Jackson
Matt Huang
Co-Founder, Paradigm
Ryan Caldbeck
Founder and Chairman, CircleUp
Casey Caruso
Engineer and Investor
Aaron Schwartz
Chief Business Officer, Returnly; Co-Founder, President, Passport
Megan O'Connor
EdTech Founder, Operator, Investor; Head of Strategic Partnerships, Chegg Skills
Max Greenwald
Co-founder and CEO, Warmly
Deborah Quazzo
Managing Partner at GSV Ventures and Co-Founder at ASU+GSV Summit
Andreas Klinger
CTO at On Deck & Investors at Remote First Capital
Tonio DeSorrento
CEO, Vemo Education
Sujay Jaswa
Founder & Managing Partner, WndrCo
Ramtin Naimi
Founder & General Partner, Abstract Ventures
Jean de La Rochebrochard
Managing Partner, Kima Ventures
Xavier Niel
Founder, Kirma Ventures
Immad Akhund
CEO & Founder, Mercury
Tyler Willis
Founder and COO, Unsupervised
Adam Braun
CEO & Founder, Pencils of Promise and MissionU
Adam Spector
Co-founder, AbstractOps
Adrian Fenty
Managing Partner, M. Ventures; Business Development Manager, Perkins Coie
Ali Altaf
Product Manager, Pinterest; Lead, PinAngels; Angel Investor
Tom Seo
Co-founder & GP, Dash Fund; Special Projects, Clearbanc
Charlie Feng
Co-Founder, Clearbanc; Angel Investor
David Perell
Founder, Write of Passage
Eric Friedman
Founder, Building The Machine
Erik Moore
Managing Director, Base Ventures
Jeff Chang
Growth Advisor, Various
Maria Salamanca
Partner, Unshackled Ventures
Soleio Cuervo
Managing Partner, Combine

... and many, many more amazing investors.

Open Roles

We'll be opening up more roles soon.

What our team says

FacebookTwitter logo

Hats I get to wear at the @beondeck No-Code fellowship are:

A bit of a Director at a college

A bit of a Mentor at an accelerator

A bit of a Host at a meetup

A bit of a Founder at a startup

In short, a servant leader & a community gardener

It's a rare mix & I love it

Andrew Rea
FacebookTwitter logo

I walk away from every @beondeck All Hands so inspired.

What we're building is so meaningful and we're just getting started. Grateful to be a part of this team and this mission. 🙏🏼 🚀

Brandon Taleisnik
FacebookTwitter logo

The team meals are the highlight of my week.

My goodness, this team is hilarious. The roasts are next-level.

Shoutout @ShirazDole for always leading the charge 💪

Allison Dea
FacebookTwitter logo

So grateful to be a part of this amazing team! I laugh so hard on Fridays! 😂 💜

Shriya Nevatia
FacebookTwitter logo

Join us at On Deck :)

→ Work in an awesome remote culture from anywhere in the world; high bar for skill and high bar for fun

→ Everyone is mission-driven because we're transforming education & career development

→ The hype is real & so is our revenue

Lauren Hoffman
FacebookTwitter logo

*Joins the @beondeck team, sends first tweet*

(but actually - couldn't be more excited about what we're building here 😊)

Julian Weisser
FacebookTwitter logo

The way things move at On Deck is almost like a series of HIIT workouts.

• Incredible flurry of focused energy every day

• Lots of variety

• Sense of satisfaction with what you accomplish

• Desire and drive to continually improve

Sara Hennings
FacebookTwitter logo

Joins @beondeck, somehow get convinced to get back on Twitter.

Can't wait to see what 2021 has in store for us and the community that we are building!

Peer Richelsen
FacebookTwitter logo

Forever grateful to On Deck for fostering such a fantastic community where ideas turn into Series A companies.

Barry Conrad
FacebookTwitter logo

Thrilled to be a part of the incredible team and community at @beondeck 🙌

Something special is happening here, and I'm glad to be onboard ⛴

Janel Loi
FacebookTwitter logo

The team lives up to all the hype - they are ambitious, generous and kind and I can't wait to work alongside them.

Thanks @david_booth @eriktorenberg @julianweisser for creating this.

Really excited to work with amazing people like @thisiskp_ @_rpgbx @btaleisnik and more!

Flo Bühringer
FacebookTwitter logo

I just wrapped up my first week on the Ops team @beondeck.

Perk of working on US time from Africa - catch the sunrise after work 🌅

On Deck is challenging the limits of education like no other. Check us out! It’s incredibly inspiring to be part of such a wild ride 🚀

FacebookTwitter logo

Today is my 1st day at @beondeck where I’ll be leading the new no-code fellowship program.

Can’t wait to help builders unleash their creative potential and turn ideas into tangible products using no-code tools 🛠

I’m grateful I’ll be serving an already amazing community.

Laís de Oliveira
FacebookTwitter logo

Thrilled to start the first working day of the year joining the @beondeck team as Program Director of the Community Builders Fellowship. 🚀🥂 #HappyNewYear

Mindaugas Petrutis
FacebookTwitter logo

Week 1 @beondeck done. Let's just say my excitement has gone up 10 fold now that I'm on the inside, we haven't even scratched the surface yet of what this will become.