Introducing: Via, by On Deck

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July 9, 2019
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Since launching On Deck three years ago, our mission has always been to help top talent start or join their next company.

A few months back we doubled down on helping high potential founders start a company, with the launch of the On Deck Fellowship.

Now, we’re thrilled to announce Via, a product dedicated to helping people find and get referred to join a breakout startup.

Via who?

The best hires often come through trusted referrals, particularly in the earliest stages of startup growth.

Via is a referral-based hiring tool designed to help talent connect with “trusted referrers”, or “Connectors.” Today, we have 150 of the world’s best investors making referrals to their portfolio companies, with more on-boarding every day.

With Via, we hope to streamline & boost the amount of referrals that people are able to make, and thus the new opportunities candidates are able to find.

In coming months, expect to see more tools for Connectors, candidates, and companies alike. This is just the beginning!

Via is a referral-based hiring platform that helps talent connect with “trusted referrers”

You can request introductions from investors directly, and anyone in the On Deck network will be able to tap into this resource.

Let us know if you have feedback, hopefully we can help you find your next thing too, whenever that time is.

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