Announcing: Execs On Deck

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March 2, 2022
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TL;DR: On Deck is launching Execs On Deck: a curated community for experienced leaders looking for VP and C-Suite roles at high-growth startups.

Rocketship startups need experienced leaders to help them scale. Bringing on a great executive can transform a startup’s direction during a critical period in the company’s life, and provide a career-defining opportunity for the right hire.

But finding the perfect next role is especially challenging for accomplished professionals. Few executive roles at startups are posted publicly and job seekers often struggle to balance activating their network with keeping their search confidential.

As a senior leader, choosing your next opportunity is the highest risk decision you can make. Going on that journey alone is even harder.

Introducing Execs On Deck.

Execs On Deck is a curated community for experienced leaders looking for VP and C-Suite roles at high-growth startups. We provide 1:1 executive coaching, intimate discussions with startup veterans, and a trusted community of peers to help you make an intentional next move.

As an Execs On Deck Fellow you’ll get access to:

  • Up to 6 sessions with a seasoned executive coach to help you clarify your next move and provide structure to your search
  • Access to On Deck’s vast startup ecosystem and exclusive job opportunities
  • Personalized introductions to startups that fit your unique goals from our Talent Experience team
  • Bi-weekly peer masterminds to talk through high-impact decisions with other execs
  • Off-the record discussions with startup veterans

… and much more.

Our community is designed to support you at every stage of your search, from defining what’s next, to evaluating opportunities and landing the role. Every leader’s journey is unique, and we’ll help you customize your experience to suit your individual goals and needs.

Whether you’re curious about making the leap from a big tech company to a startup, are exploring a move into tech from another industry, or are a current startup exec looking to join a company that better aligns with your values, Execs on Deck is the best place to figure out what’s next and accelerate your path to getting there.

Meet our speakers

We’ve assembled a stellar roster of speakers who’ve built storied careers in startups and venture capital. As a fellow, you’ll have the opportunity to join “off the record” discussions where they’ll share insights on how to optimize your next move and excel as a leader in the startup world.

Ready to get started?

Interested? Applications for the inaugural cohort of Execs On Deck are now open. Apply by April 9 to secure your spot.

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