Announcing: Drop #2: On Deck NYC

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May 3, 2021
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When COVID hit back in February of last year, we were the first in-person community to move completely online. Over the past 18 months we helped thousands of fellows connect, explore ideas, start over 350+ companies and raise $300,000,000 from top investors. 

Now as the world is starting to open up, we are one of the first to add a component of real life experiences (IRL) to complement our core online programs. Our first drop was Miami Tech. It sold out in 2 weeks, proving that the startup landscape is evolving rapidly with more founders and investors making the move each week. 

This also confirmed our thesis that there is no single center of gravity for tech any more. Instead, there’s an internet-first community with IRL hubs where people meet temporarily.

Today we’re bridging that gap yet again with our second drop: On Deck NYC.

New York City has been a center of gravity for ambitious people for decades – home to a diverse hotbed of industries including Finance, CPG, Marketing and Media. 

The “Big Apple” has produced countless successful startups from Peloton to Squarespace and venture funding is on the rise. In 2020 alone, investors injected up to $20B in local companies as quoted by the WSJ.

The diverse culture, hustler mentality and constant influx of talent into the city are transforming it into a core anchor for the technology ecosystem, making it the perfect place to launch our second drop and bring together top builders.

Enter On Deck NYC.

On Deck NYC is a one-off 3-week experiential program that brings together startup operators, investors and subject matter experts to explore ideas, build projects, and build lasting relationships in the heart of New York City.

During the program, you will come together and participate in:

  • Fireside chats with a diverse set of founders, operators and builders, and investors
  • Deep dives on traditional NYC industries like fintech, insurtech and media
  • Social events organized around the “hidden gems” of the city
  • Co-working sessions at an exclusive On Deck workspace

Just like our first drop, Miami Tech, NYC is a one-off, exclusive opportunity in pursuit of our mission to unlock the potential of the most talented people in the world:

  • Anyone can apply. 
  • They are one-off experiences, in some cases they may become recurring experiences. 
  • Capacity is limited and we prioritize access to current OD fellows and alumni.
  • Covid rules and regulations will be strictly enforced for IRL events

If you are an ambitious builder who wants to forge lasting relationships with other talented individuals in the NYC tech ecosystem, we'd love to have you.

Spots are limited so you'd like to participate, we encourage you to apply now.

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