Announcing: On Deck Chief of Staff Fellowship

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December 9, 2020
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As the number of incredible founders and teams in the Internet economy grows, so too does the need for rocket fuel to help scale; leverage is a superpower.

Removing the bottlenecks to scale and setting up the levers to accelerate growth is one of the most impactful activities someone can do. But weaving into a team’s operations and understanding the leverage points you can apply pressure to is tremendously complex. Unless you know how to do it.

This is where a Chief of Staff (CoS) steps in. CoS are the lifeblood and glue that hold companies together behind the scenes. 

The allure of the CoS role is clear: it offers unique access to leadership, deep involvement in strategic initiatives, and unparalleled opportunity for exposure and impact on how a company is built and grows.

However, it’s also a highly variable experience that can be difficult to navigate and often feels isolating. The role is hard to get right, and doing it wrong can mean spinning the wheels of your career and stifling your team’s performance.

Introducing the On Deck Chief of Staff Fellowship

The On Deck Chief of Staff Fellowship is a program for accomplished Chiefs of Staff in tech who want to uplevel their skills and join a supportive network to maximize their impact and trajectory.

Over eight weeks, the best Chiefs of Staff in the ecosystem (and a select few making the transition) will join a community of peers to gain a deep support system and unmatched network, peer-to-peer knowledge sharing from other world-class CoS, and an understanding of how to use the role as an accelerant for their team and career.

As an On Deck Chief of Staff fellow, you’ll have access to:

  • A supportive community of highly-vetted Chiefs of Staff who are passionate about making an impact on their organization.
  • Frameworks and mental models to better understand the scope of your role for company success.
  • Close-knit mastermind groups with CoS in a similar career/company stage
  • Educational sessions with the best current & former CoS to hear about their experiences & learnings firsthand.
  • Access to the On Deck network so you can participate in the broader On Deck ecosystem of founders, investors, talent, and creators.

The Inaugural ODCoS Cohort kicks off in March. You can apply here before January 10th. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Meet our Founding Fellows and Speakers

A few of the world-class Founding Fellows and speakers in our first ODCoS cohort:

Ready to get started?

The opportunities for ambitious, agile, generalists who want to make a lasting impact on the technology ecosystem are more bountiful than ever. We are ready to build this space with you. Applications are open.

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