Announcing: On Deck Course Creator Fellowship

TL;DR; On Deck is launching the On Deck Creator Fellowship, a program for leading-edge creators who want to build and grow a Transformational Online Course (TOC). The first cohort kicks off April 4.

Early course creators gave online education a bad name. 10% completion rates were the norm. They were run by marketers selling shameless self-promotion branded as knowledge. 

Thankfully, this is changing. 

A new wave of course creators is emerging that make their students the stars. They are coaches, leaders and domain experts that care about transformation. They are teaching skills that universities lack, drawing on hand-on experience in a rapidly moving world and changing lives in the process. 

But delivering transformational experiences is hard, and most experts aren’t naturally good teachers. Growing the business behind an online course — acquiring the right students, building a strong curriculum and scaling distribution  -— is even tougher, especially when you’re working alone.

Enter On Deck Course Creator (ODCC).

On Deck Course Creator is a 9-week remote program for ambitious creators, entrepreneurs, and operators who have specialized domain knowledge and want to build and grow a Transformational Online Course (TOC). We combine an expert-led curriculum and a supportive community to help you create and scale a business that educates, inspires and empowers your students to take action.

We’ve assembled an all-star roster of fellows and speakers to help you: 

  • Build a premium online course in your niche
  • Meet other course creators to share challenges and best practices
  • Grow your network of potential partners & students
  • Get personalized advice and support building your TOC from the best in their respective fields
  • Establish sustainable practices to build an online education business that scales
  • Select the right software and tools to deliver engaging student experiences

Best part? You'll be surrounded by the entire On Deck network — founders, designers, no-coders, and more. You’ll find early customers, form strategic partnerships and develop long-lasting relationships to help your business succeed over the long term.

Your capstone project for ODCC will be a completed module of your personalized course, which you’ll showcase to hundreds of potential students across our ecosystem during On Deck Learning Week.

If you’re an ambitious creator, operator, or founder with specialized domain knowledge, ODCC will help you create a course from scratch or take your current course to the next level through proven frameworks from the best in online education.

Whether you are launching a cohort-based course, improving your evergreen course or doing in-person workshops, your TOC is nine weeks away. We look forward to building it with you. 

Meet our founding fellows

A few of the talented individuals participating in our first ODCC cohort.

Ready to get started?

We’re thrilled to launch ODCC, and can’t wait to build this space for you.  We believe this will become the nexus for the next wave of course creators to come together to push the boundaries of education, collectively driving humanity forward. Applications are open.