Announcing: The On Deck Angel Fellowship

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July 14, 2020
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On Deck is on a mission to 10x the number of founders building world changing companies. 

One year ago, we launched the On Deck Founder Fellowship to turn world-class tech talent into the next great startup founders. In just 1 year, those fellows have raised over $90M from top funds.

But helping create more founders is just part of the startup equation.

Today, we’re launching the On Deck Angel Fellowship to turn world-class operators into the next great investors.

When startups raise capital, who they choose to raise from can have a critical impact on their trajectory.

World-class founders love raising from other founders and experienced operators and it’s clear why: these are the folks who have been there before, can provide relevant advice, and open up their networks to find new customers, potential hires, and more.  

Just like starting a company, getting started as an angel investor is fraught with risk and uncertainty.

  • “How much capital should I allocate?”
  • “What is the right valuation, and do the terms make sense?”
  • “How should I evaluate opportunities in this industry, or the team’s experience?”
  • “How much do I weigh traction against other positive signals?”

Introducing the On Deck Angel Fellowship (“ODA”)

With our first cohort kicking off September 13th, ODA will help groups of experienced operators and successful entrepreneurs accelerate their paths to becoming angel investors, build their co-investor networks, hone their skills, and develop their capacity to help fund and support the next generation of builders.

The Inaugural ODA Cohort kicks off in mid-September.

We are excited to be partnering with Village Global to co-deliver the Angel Fellowship programming. They will also be sponsoring 30 slots.

Village Global, the early stage VC firm backed by some of the world’s most successful founders, entrusts capital to angel investors so those angels can back the remarkable startups they choose. On Deck Angel Fellows can apply for this program. 

What’s included in ODA? 

The On Deck Angel Fellowship is an 8-week program inspired by the success of the “On Deck Fellowship” format. 

As an On Deck Angel, you’ll have access to:

  • Fireside chats and small group “breakouts” with the world's best early-stage investors, including Reid Hoffman, Mike Maples, Sarah Tavel, Keith Rabois, Elad Gil, Anne Dwane, Charles Hudson, and more.
  • Deep-dive sessions focused on trends and markets. ODA participants and special guests will host sessions on investing in fields ranging from Agriculture and Food Tech, to AR and VR, Autonomy and Robotics, Crypto, Cybersecurity, Deep Tech (Quantum, Space, Drones, 3D printing, etc.), Fintech, Hardware, Healthcare, Infrastructure Software, Machine Learning and AI, and SaaS.
  • Exclusive deal-flow, with the opportunity to participate in elements of the On Deck Founder Fellowship as an investor, attend pitch days, and join “community events” with the On Deck Fellows. On Deck Angels can also apply to the Village Global “Network Leader” program.
  • Community, via the ability to build deep relationships, and get close to other top investors and domain experts across categories. Some of our founding members joining the first ODA cohort include

Who's in the first cohort?

Founding Members: a few of the talented individuals participating in our first ODA cohort.

👉 Click here to view more ODA1 participants


We’re thrilled to launch this new initiative, and can’t wait to build this space for you. 

We hope this can become the nexus where the next wave of investors can come together to support and invest in the next wave of founders – collectively building startups that drive humanity forward.

Applications are now open (deadline: August 30th) | Cohort start: Sept 13th.

Learn more and apply at

Have questions? 👉 Check out our FAQs section

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