Announcing: On Deck Deep Tech

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July 19, 2021
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Innovation is moving at a faster pace than ever before. Deep tech startups are transforming science fiction into reality by taking on and successfully overcoming incredible scientific and engineering challenges.

What happened with democratized access to the internet, is now poised to happen with several foundational technologies. Recent advances in platform technologies like DNA sequencing & synthesis, machine learning, high-performance computing, and precise manufacturing across material and biological systems are creating entirely new markets, disrupting existing ones and redefining the concept of what’s possible.

Deep tech has the potential to create massive impact — create vaccines and therapeutics against the next pandemic, feed 9B people without harming the environment, power the world without burning it down, build autonomous systems that improve the health and safety of people, and enable us to become a space-faring multi-planetary species.

Unsurprisingly, building for this kind of impact takes time. Working on transformative technologies is hard enough. Doing it in isolation is that much harder. The missing element has never been a lack of ambition, it has been the lack of support for the ambitious, at the earliest stages of their journeys.

Enter: On Deck Deep Tech.

On Deck Deep Tech is a continuous community of people looking to found, join and advise the next generation of Deep Tech companies.

OD Deep Tech will bring together three core groups of builders:

  • Founders building a Deep Tech startup, ideating, preparing to fundraise or searching for top talent to join their team.
  • Experienced DeepTech and startup operators looking to network with other professionals, advise startups, find their next role, or find a co-founder for a new venture
  • Early joiners (new college grads, autodidacts, enthusiasts) who have a unique skill set that they want to use to drive impact in an early stage Deep Tech startup

 Under its umbrella, ODDT has 6 sectors: life sciences, manufacturing, energy, space, hardware and machine learning. We will add more frontier sectors as they emerge. Deep Tech is often interdisciplinary, and we have built the program with collaboration at its core. 

The experience will kick off with a 4 week-long intimate onboarding to foster deep connections and build familiarity with the On Deck ecosystem.

Afterwards, you’ll join a lifelong community of top founders, operators and advisors passionate about building the future with deep tech.

Every month at OD Deep Tech you’ll get access to:

  • Social & networking events 
  • Curated connections with other fellows 
  • Mastermind sessions with trusted peers 
  • Intimate deep dives with industry leaders
  • Office hours with experienced mentors including founders, top researchers, investors 

In the last year, Deep Tech companies have

  • Made a vaccine against COVID in 2 days, 
  • Rolled out the first commercial supersonic aircraft in 52 years
  • Solved the protein folding problem
  • Launched astronauts into space

Ready to get started?

The writing’s on the wall: the future is Deep Tech. And Deep Tech is the future. 

Join the community and build this future, together.

The Inaugural ODeepTech Cohort kicks off in early October. Secure your place in the next onboarding cohort by applying by September 20th. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

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