Announcing: On Deck Corporate Innovation

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January 18, 2022
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TL;DR: On Deck is launching On Deck Corporate Innovation: a lifelong community for Corporate Innovation and Strategy leaders to exchange ideas on future-proofing, work with startups, and build a network of like-minded peers.

While innovation has become table stakes for corporate strategy, it has also become increasingly complex and difficult to scale sustainably. Corporate Innovation requires optimized internal processes and infrastructure, access to vetted enterprise-ready startups, and moral support from like-minded builders. 

Many entrepreneurial innovators currently navigate these challenges in silos across organizations and industries, without a meaningful network of peers to tap into for ideas, inspiration, and best practices.

To fill that gap, we’re introducing the On Deck Corporate Innovation Fellowship (ODCI), a lifelong community for Corporate Innovation and Strategy leaders to exchange ideas on future-proofing, work with startups, and build a network of like-minded peers.

We’re building a modern Corporate Innovation community that creates a better interface for big companies and scrappy startups, focused on execution rather than theory.

The fellowship kicks off with a 4-week immersive experience; an opportunity to get to know the community and learn how to navigate On Deck to achieve your goals for the year ahead. 

As a member, you receive access to: 

  • Networking: Develop meaningful relationships with peers with similar experiences via curated 1:1 connections and mastermind groups.
  • Professional Development: Acquire specialized frameworks, knowledge and skills to improve the internal processes that make innovation sustainable for long-term impact and growth via live sessions and fireside chats with incredible guests and an extensive library of content.
  • Trusted Community: Absolute discretion and confidentiality to enable you to brainstorm solutions with like-minded builders navigating internal processes.
  • Highly-curated Startup Network: Unparalleled access to On Deck’s startup network, with a track record of launching 650+ vetted companies collectively worth over $5 billion - across sectors including Fintech, Enterprise SaaS, Logistics, PropTech and more. This network will only increase in value, with the launch of our new ODX accelerator.

ODCI connects top-tier Corporate Innovation and Strategy leaders with a mandate to build and scale transformation, innovation & intrapreneurship projects at large companies. It’s a space for fellows to deepen their industry expertise, accelerate their careers, and build impactful, scalable innovation projects — together. 

Are you an Innovation Lab leader at a Fortune 500, or a VP of Strategy at a scale up? ODCI is for you. The fellowship will enable you to exchange playbooks, learn best practices, and build deep relationships with a highly-curated group of peers.

Meet the Founding Fellows!

We’re thrilled to bring together some of the brightest minds in the industry for the first On Deck Corporate Innovation onboarding cohort. As a fellow, you’ll have the opportunity to level up together, and shape the long-term vision and structure of ODCI alongside these talented and ambitious leaders.

Interested? ODCI kicks off on March 15, 2022. Secure your place in the inaugural onboarding cohort by submitting your application by Feb 27.

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