ODF Alumni Stories

Elizabeth Slavitt: Founder, Speakeasy. Formerly CMO, Khan Academy

Steijn Pelle: Co-Founder, Go Lassie. Formerly Product at Coinbase and Robinhood

Li Jin: Former partner, a16z

Hari Raghavan: Founder, AbstractOps. Formerly COO at Forge ($90M Series B)

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Our Fellows are the heartbeat of our community. Here's what they have to say.

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Kevin David
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On Deck is going to be huge!

Thanks for letting me in when I was exploring what next after my stint at @AngelList.

Joined @beondeck in June 2020, met my co-founders in August, raised a seed round late last year. Team of 11 now, building a MVP with a few creators.

Chris Horne
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Just over halfway through my @beondeck fellowship experience and might as well say: joining is one of the best decisions I've ever made. Everyone is AMAZING, friendly, and EXTREMELY helpful. The talks are tactical and directly applicable. Nothing but ❤️

Chris Messina
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Beyond moonshots, we need more 50+ year visions for anchoring the thrust and intention of our collective work.

Proud to be a recent alum of the @beondeck Fellowship.

Meeta Sharma
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Choosing to be a part of #ODW1 was easily the best decision of this year. I found a group of people who are invested in each other's growth and the growth of the creator ecosystem at large. Cannot recommend it enough.

Harvey Multani
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@beondeck will do for human capital what @AngelList did for financial capital

Wallace Torres
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Needed some help making some connections, going over my deck. Sent out the bat signal and have had at least a dozen @beondeck fellows pitch in.

If you're wondering what the program is like, it's this tweet over and over and over again.

Anuj Abrol
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Been thinking about the On Deck (@beondeck) team

They’re building an unstoppable startup machine

Monopoly on up and coming founders, talent, and investors 🔥

Matt Restivo
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I thought I knew talented people. Then I joined @beondeck.

Kavir Kaycee
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I feel like being part of multiple fellowship programs. Might become bankrupt that way 😂

Arwina Mogul
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I have this theory that if I joined @beondeck sooner, I would've avoided many early-stage founder mistakes. I implore any early-stage founder to check out the fellowship. It will extend your financial, emotional, and mental runway.

Shachin Bharadwaj
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Is there anything called binge slacking!?

Hooked to slack since last night reading about all the AMAZING people who are part of @beondeck #ODF7 - looking forward to the kickoff tonight @julianweisser @eriktorenberg

Amazing energy in the group!

Jackie Hyland
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Yesterday was the last day of @beondeck cohort #4. I'm feeling so many things, but the main one is gratitude. I spent 10 weeks with some incredible humans who I feel are lifelong friends and collaborators.

Alexander Hugh Sam
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Just finished the @beondeck kick-off session for ODW1 and 🤯.

It's the most fun I've ever had for any onboarding whatsoever. The team and fellows are amazing and can't wait to get started.

Even did some (very bad) freestyle rapping and met cool people like @AnthonyMcG2!

Madison Kanna
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Joining the @beondeck community was one of the highlights of my year!

Grateful to be apart of it and excited for 2021 🚀

Brian Bagdasarian
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The @beondeck experience is one that you could only get if you were on the inside of Silicon Valley previously.

Community + insight + vision + a ton of amazing people with amazing ideas.