ODF Alumni Stories

Elizabeth Slavitt: Founder, Speakeasy. Formerly CMO, Khan Academy

Steijn Pelle: Co-Founder, Go Lassie. Formerly Product at Coinbase and Robinhood

Li Jin: Former partner, a16z

Hari Raghavan: Founder, AbstractOps. Formerly COO at Forge ($90M Series B)

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650+ companies
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$800m+ raised
Over $800m raised from top global investors


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Van Nguyen
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Life after @beondeck is crazy good! The network is so powerful. @Auroreserete’s ODF cohort hasn’t even started yet and despite that she has helped me connect with 4 potential customers in completely new/different markets in record time. Thank you!

Matias Sanchez
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Couldn't recommend this enough. If you're writing for the internet or writing in general, this is the community you never knew you needed.

Todd Goldberg
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Teaming up with @beondeck here.

Whoever I hire will get to participate in On Deck's Chief of Staff Fellowship.

It’s an incredible community to connect with and learn from others doing the CoS role.

I'll cover the cost.

Brett Goldstein
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Since starting @beondeck, I've been happier and more creatively fulfilled than at any other point in my career (my mood tracking data shows it).

This community is magic. Momentum is a hell of a drug.

My DMs are open if you're thinking about applying!

Cameron Prouse
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Only 1 week into's First 50 Fellowship program and I am soooo totally blown away.

Can't wait to get at it tomorrow for week 2!

Derek Osgood
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Ok so I promised I’d talk about On Deck (ODF6) changed my life. That’s it, that’s the tweet.

Actually, no it’s not. I’m a tweetstorm guy now (new year new me). So let’s talk ODF👇

Kavir Kaycee
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I feel like being part of multiple fellowship programs. Might become bankrupt that way 😂

Maggie Norris
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The network of founders and mentors provided through the fellowship is incredible!!

Days before kickoff and I’ve already had 1-on-1s with so many amazing people! 💕

Shiku Wangombe
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Shoutout to the community for the feedback when I shared this internally.

So many people willing to help and everyone is excited to learn from each other. I love this community.

Girish Gupta
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What a wonderful line from a CEO/hiring manager: "The faster you can run up a curve, the harder we'll work to make sure there's another one waiting for you."

I'm astounded by the quality of leadership and community.

Terry Xu
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HOOOOOOOLY! The @beondeck kick-off event is beyond my wildest imagination on how an online community can be run.

Vensy Krishna
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If I had to describe my experience:

On Deck is like college, except it is what college is supposed to be like in the 2020s.

Kai Faust
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I’m **very** impressed with @beondeck’s Founder Fellowship. It’s super well run. The entire experience has been smooth, valuable, and fun. Clearly a lot of work goes into running this operation.

Kevin Huang
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Online education will evolve to become more social.

@beondeck is a prime example. It is, without a doubt, one of the most transformative learning experiences I've had in my adult life.

I am very grateful for being a part of this community.

Parthi Loganathan
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Excited for @beondeck's writer fellowship kickoff today! Did the original fellowship and here I am again as a repeat customer.

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