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Where top Execs go to find what’s next.

Execs On Deck is a curated community for leaders with 12+ years of experience who want to build successful careers in the startup ecosystem.

Whether you’re looking for a new VP or C-Suite role at a world-changing startup or you’re ready to expand your impact in your current role, we’ll help you go farther faster with 1:1 executive coaching, expert-led workshops, and access to a world-class peer community.
Next cohort starts Fall 2023. Space is limited. Scholarship funding is available to lower the total cost.

Connect with other accomplished leaders

Execs On Deck fellows are Directors, VPs, and C-Suite executives ready to expand their impact at high-growth startups. We've helped thousands of people find what’s next and uplevel their careers with the support of a world-class community.

Sachin Shah
Sachin Shah
CTO, startup advisor, ex-Accenture

"On Deck gave me access to founders, high-quality coaches attuned to how startups think, and a community of other fellows always willing to help."

Claudio Souza
Claudio Souza
GM, Engineering Leader

"At On Deck, I found like-minded people that shared my values and watched organic conversations turn into opportunities I couldn't have imagined."

Lauren Taylor
Lauren Taylor
VP of Operations at DigitalBrain

"The On Deck community provided critical guidance and support that helped me identify the right next step in my career."

Lola Eniolorunda
Lola Eniolorunda
Partner, Seedle Partners

“The On Deck community accelerated my strategic career decision making process by giving me access to a phenomenal executive coach, a Mastermind Group for accountability, and access to hundreds of ambitious tech founders from around the world.”

Ellie Newnham
Ellie Newnham
Global Head of Customer, Uber Transit

“Execs On Deck gave me my own personal board of directors - through access to a global network of senior leaders, professional development coaching, and content and tools - all of which are providing value well beyond the 8 week fellowship.”

Steve Swanson
Steve Swanson
Product Strategy Advisor, Climate Tech

“The On Deck community has been invaluable! I have never been around so many accomplished leaders so willing to pick up the phone to help others.”

David Awad
David Awad
CTO, EcoVerse

“On Deck gave me the tools to grow in any direction. I would encourage anyone to follow their North Star…On Deck will light the path.”

Mridvika Raisinghani
Mridvika Raisinghani
Global Managing Director at Shortlist, ex: Teach For India

"On Deck made my world flat in 8 weeks by giving me the opportunity to connect with hundreds of startup leaders around the globe."

Why Do Fellows Choose Execs On Deck?

As a senior leader, choosing the right next opportunity is the highest risk decision you can make. Execs On Deck provides 1:1 executive coaching and a world-class community to help you make a meaningful and intentional next move to accelerate your career.

1:1 Executive coaching
Guidance to sharpen your personal narrative
Mastermind groups led by a facilitator
Accountability & structure
Access to On Deck’s vast startup network
A highly curated, diverse community
Opportunities to advise, mentor and give back
Confidentiality in a trusted community
Access to Execs On Deck is $4,990 (lump sum or 4 equal installments). Limited scholarships available.

Next cohort starts Fall 2023. Space is limited. Scholarship funding is available to lower the total cost.

Expand Your Perspective Through Intimate Discussion with Accomplished Founders, Investors and Leaders

Enjoy “off the record” discussions with the top founders, investors, and leaders in the startup ecosystem today.

Practical Workshops

Participate in expert-led workshops to help you master key areas of your executive journey from personal branding to networking and negotiating.

Cross-Fellowship Events

Attend events featuring today’s top startup leaders alongside fellows from across the vast On Deck startup ecosystem.

Ever-Growing Library of Content

Enjoy ongoing access to a database of recorded sessions so you can learn on your own schedule.
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Eric Jacobs
Chief Innovation Officer at Vaynermedia
Eric Jacobs
Creating The Role You Want
Erik Torenberg
Founder of On Deck
Erik Torenberg
How to Build Your Career Moat
Bocar Dia
SVP of Sales at Flex
Bocar Dia
How to Stand Out As An Early Hire
Heather Yurovsky
Executive Coach
Heather Yurovsky
How to Find and Evaluate Values-Aligned Startup Exec Roles
Alan Eagle
MD, Executive Communications at Google; bestselling author of Trillion Dollar Coach and How Google Works
Alan Eagle
Leadership Lessons from the World's Greatest Executive Coach

Who should apply?

Execs On Deck is highly personalized for established leaders who are focused on building impactful careers at startups. Everything in the program is off the record to allow fellows to build deep, trusting relationships with similarly accomplished peers at similar stages.

Execs On Deck is perfect for you if…
You are an accomplished professional with 12+ years of experience and want to be intentional about the next step in your career.
You are either a current startup executive or looking for a VP or C-Suite role at a fast growing startup.
You want to supercharge your career with guidance and support from an experienced executive coach and world-class peers.
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Who's not a fit?
You have less than 12 years of professional work experience.
You are not either a current leader at a startup or looking for a VP or C-Suite role at a startup.
You are not willing to invest time and energy into building a vibrant community alongside other wildly accomplished peers.

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We’ve helped thousands of people figure out what’s next. If you’re an experienced leader looking to find your next role at a startup, apply here.

Access to Execs On Deck is $4,990 USD (lump sum or 4 equal installments).
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Next cohort starts Fall 2023. Space is limited. Scholarship funding is available to lower the total cost.


Who should apply?

Execs On Deck is a fellowship for accomplished leaders with 12+ years of experience who are either current startup executives or are looking for VP or C-Suite roles at world-changing startups.

Our fellows include leaders at today’s hottest startup, successful founders, and tech executives from companies including Google, Apple and Facebook looking to break into the startup ecosystem.

What is the time commitment?

The power of On Deck is in the community, and like any community, you’ll get back what you put in. That said, we realize fellows are likely already balancing a full-time role and personal commitments.

Our priority is to help you accelerate your career. You can choose the mix of coaching, a peer Mastermind group, live sessions, and 1:1 networking that is most valuable for you.

What does it cost?

Execs On Deck is $4,990, payable as a lump sum or in 4 monthly installments. Limited scholarships available.

Is this a fully remote program?

Yes, Execs On Deck is entirely remote. The broader On Deck community, however, includes 10,000 fellows from around the world so we do regularly host meetups in top cities around the globe.

What support should I expect from my executive coach?

Execs On Deck gives you access to up to 6 sessions with an experienced executive coach. Use your sessions during the fellowship or in the 6 months afterward to keep you on track.

How long will I have access to the community?

Our goal is to build a growing community of accomplished professionals with resources to support you along your career journey. After the formal 8-week fellowship ends, you’ll maintain access to the On Deck community and resources as long as you’d like to stay engaged!

Did we miss your question? Drop us a line and we will get back to you asap.