Build the future of logistics

We invest $125,000 for 7% in your logistics company, and support you with a specialized program, Flexport’s industry edge, and access to our network to hire talent, raise capital and find customers.
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Hire world-class talent looking for jobs

Thousands of operators in our programs are looking for their next role.



Raise capital from top investors

Hundreds of On Deck companies raised capital from investors in our network.


Series B+ CEOS

Find early customers from our network

Work with our customer marketplace to build a customer pipeline.


SEries A+ companies

In partnership with

In two years, On Deck-founded companies have raised over $800 million from top investors
Major VC firms investing in On Deck fellows

Our network and Flexport's expertise

ODX Flexport companies get access to all things ODX, plus an intimate community of industry founders, specialized logistics curriculum and dedicated support from a Flexport Build Partner.

12-week program customized for your needs

Access to our network to hire, raise, and find customers

Present at Demo Day to hundreds of investors

Logistics-specific content and curriculum

Flexport Build Partner to help you navigate the industry

Access to a deep network and industry experience

Meet our Global Network of Advisors
Ryan Petersen
CEO and Founder, Flexport
Yuko Kamae
VP Product, Flexport
James Chen
CTO, Flexport
Kaitlyn Glancy
GM East, Flexport
Ben Braverman
Chief Customer Officer, Flexport
Susy Schoneberg
Julie Harris
VP Global Key Accounts, Flexport
Sanne Manders
COO, Flexport
Christian Vizcaino Jordan
VP Trade and Financial Services, Flexport
Jenn Longnion
Chief Impact Officer, Flexport
Will Urban
CRO, Flexport
Kenny Wagers
CFO, Flexport
Anders Schulz
VP Ocean Freight, Flexport
Neel Jones Shah
EVP Air Cargo, Flexport
Geoff Smalling
VP of Engineering, Flexport
Javi Cortes Angel
Chief of Staff to CEO, Flexport
Frank Te Pas
Senior Director Product, Flexport
Phil Levy
Chief Economist, Flexport
Chris Ferro
Chief Legal, Flexport
Zeid Houssami
GM West, Flexport

Build the future of logistics

On Deck and Flexport invest $125,000 for 7% in your idea or company. We support you with an intimate program, and access to our network for you to hire talent, raise money and find customers. Flexport helps with the unique industry knowledge.
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$125k, customized to you

The process

We back you with $125,000, a dedicated Flexport Build Partner and unlimited access to our network.

Apply to ODX Flexport

We review applications on a rolling basis to give founders the resources they need, when they need them.

Get funded immediately

We'll wire $125,000 as soon as you are accepted. If you haven't incorporated yet, we'll help you do it. The capital comes from On Deck, our community and Flexport.

Meet your Flexport Build Partner

Meet with your Flexport Build Partner, a deeply experienced advisor who will help you develop a 90 day plan and navigate the logistics industry.

Build with the On Deck network at your back

Join a cohort of talented founders from around the world. Tap into a hive-mind of 7,000+ On Deck Fellows from 20+ programs so you can build, hire, raise and scale with the best.


Raise capital, hire talent and find customers

Thousands of founders, operators, and investors at your fingertips will help you move faster, learn more and get connected unlike anywhere else.


Connect with investors focused on logistics & supply chain

Browse some of the world's best VCs and angels who are in our network, already investing in On Deck companies and excited to meet ambitious founders building the future. We'll personally facilitate the introduction.


On Deck Investors

Browse angels and VCs that invest with On Deck
Open to Writing First Checks
Strong GTM Experts
Up and Coming Angels

Your intro request to Anne Dwane was sent successfully!


Anne Dwane
Village Global

Investor in Addi, Loyal, Secureframe & more

Partner at Village Global, previously CEO at Zinch (acq. by Chegg).

👋 Hi @Melissa, @Andrew! Welcome to this Customer Introduction - a 1:1 match picked for you by Minn Kim, Build Partner at On Deck! We matched you because @Andrew is looking for a US warehousing partner. Feel free to use that as a discussion topic, or if you have been acquainted before, feel free to dive deeper.
👋 Hi @John, @Skylar! Welcome to this Customer Introduction! We matched you because @John is looking to learn more about EU's mandatory due diligence regulations for supply chain, and @Skylar has been working with the European Commission on Mobility and Transport for over a decade. I'll let you two take it over!
👋 Hi @Melissa, @Andrew! Welcome to this Curated Connection - a 1:1 match picked for you by Visha Vijayanand, Experience Lead at On Deck! We matched you because you have similar experience as graphic designers in media. Feel free to use that as a discussion topic, or if you have been acquainted before, feel free to dive deeper.
👋 Hi @Melissa, @Andrew! Welcome to this Curated Connection - a 1:1 match picked for you by Visha Vijayanand, Experience Lead at On Deck! We matched you because you have similar experience as graphic designers in media. Feel free to use that as a discussion topic, or if you have been acquainted before, feel free to dive deeper.
👋 Hi @Melissa, @Andrew! Welcome to this Curated Connection - a 1:1 match picked for you by Visha Vijayanand, Experience Lead at On Deck! We matched you because you have similar experience as graphic designers in media. Feel free to use that as a discussion topic, or if you have been acquainted before, feel free to dive deeper.
👋 Hi @Melissa, @Andrew! Welcome to this Curated Connection - a 1:1 match picked for you by Visha Vijayanand, Experience Lead at On Deck! We matched you because you have similar experience as graphic designers in media. Feel free to use that as a discussion topic, or if you have been acquainted before, feel free to dive deeper.

Tap into Flexport and On Deck for distribution

Tap into Flexport’s extensive industry network and On Deck's ecosystem of programs to build a customer discovery pipeline and find your first real customers.

I’ve hired 5+ employees (including execs), raised from 20+ investors, found 10+ customers, met 200+ awesome people, and made many dear friends through the On Deck community over the last two years.
Hari Raghavan, CEO at AbstractOps

Learn from the ones who disrupted the industry

Navigate logistics via first hand-experience

Dive as deep as you need into the industry, avoid costly mistakes and learn from operators who are years ahead.

High-signal sessions with industry’s best

Join intimate deep dives and fireside sessions with experienced operators in logistics

Ever-growing library of content

Enjoy ongoing access to a database of recorded sessions so you can learn on your own schedule
Navigating Volatility in the Supply Chain
Anders Schulz
VP of Ocean Freight
Tactical and Strategic Logistics Resilience
Geoffrey Smalling
VP Engineering
Making Transportation a Value Driver, Not a Cost Center
Phil Levy
Chief Economist
Upstream Visibility in Supply Chain
Frank te Pas
Senior Director, Product
Holiday Season Freight Masterclass
Kaitlyn Glancy
GM East
Building a Sustainable Supply Chain
Jennifer Longnion
Chief Impact Officer

Access thousands of candidates looking for their next role

Get curated introductions to world-class engineers, marketers, or designers in our Career programs, or pitch to entrepreneurial job seekers looking for their next startup role at our weekly Talent Demo Day.


Get funded by
the best in the industry

Flexport will deploy $50,000 first checks as a part of ODX’s $125,000 for 7% standard deal. On Deck and our Community Fund will supply the remaining capital.

On Deck Fund

$125,000 for 7%


Global but local

ODX Flexport welcomes applications from all over the world

With deep roots in San Francisco, we give founders around the world access to top talent, experts and investors, while also building on-the-ground support through our local networks.

Silicon Valley is a mindset

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Here’s what On Deck founders have to say about us

Validated an idea and raised $9M from a16z, Variant and Solana.

On Deck helped me get conviction on one of the four ideas I had when I joined. Those same fellows became our most valuable early users.

Francesco Agosti
Francesco Agosti ODF5
Co-founder & CTO
Hired early team, raised $10M including Uncork Capital.

On Deck was catalytic in the earliest introductions to angel investors which gave us the momentum needed for later rounds of fundraising.

Vance Roush
Vance Roush ODF2
Co-founders met at On Deck, hired early team, raised $4.5M from NFX.

I met my co-founder Alan in ODF2, we hired an account executive and growth marketer through On Deck’s talent programs, and that helped us raise from Felicis and NFX.

Maximus Greenwald
Maximus Greenwald ODF2
Founder and CEO
Hired a strategy lead and a designer, then raised $2.2M from Defy Ventures.

On Deck was instrumental to OfficeTogether’s fundraising and early hires. We hired a strategy lead from On Deck First 50 and a designer from On Deck Designers. I’ve also made some lifelong friends.

Amy Yin
Amy Yin ODS1
Founder and CEO
Raised $5.8M from Bessemer Venture Partners.

I hired my first engineer and my first designer via On Deck.

Conner Sherline
Conner Sherline ODF1
Founder and CEO
Validated their idea and found first users, then raised $1.8M from Point Nine, YC, and Speedinvest.

On Deck helped find our first users, validate our idea, and connect us with the fund who led our $1.85M seed round.

Ferruccio Balestreri
Ferruccio Balestreri ODF5
Co-founder and CTO
Co-founders met at On Deck, then raised $3.8M from Founders Fund, General Catalyst, Lux Capital, and Village Global.

I met my co-founder and CTO Akshay thanks to On Deck. He's a force of nature and we complement each other perfectly.

Mike Shebat
Mike Shebat ODF8
Co-founder and CEO
Raised from tier one investors while at On Deck.

On Deck guided our fundraising strategy and connected us to tier one investors from Silicon Valley and Europe. They were essential in helping us raise additional funding.

Roman Sandoval
Roman Sandoval ODF8
Founder and CEO
Validated their idea, got early customers, then raised $2.5M from Accel.

On Deck helped us validate our idea and connected us with our very first users, some of whom angel invested in our first round.

Ankit Pansari
Ankit Pansari ODF5
Co-founder and CEO
Acquired first customers, then raised $2.7M from Sequoia and On Deck angels.

On Deck helped me go from idea to MVP, acquire my very first customers, and raise $2.7 million from Sequoia Surge, Village Global and On Deck angels.

Nitesh Agrawal
Nitesh Agrawal ODF4
Founder and CEO

On Deck helped me validate my idea, find two incrediblty talented co-founders and, within a month, raise from Village Global.

Brendan Short
Brendan Short ODF9
Co-founder & CEO
Made 5 key hires, then raised $12M from Elevation Capital and General Catalyst.

The On Deck Community helped me make 5+ key early hires, and raise a $12 million seed round from great investors.

Amrit Singh
Amrit Singh ODF2
Co-founder and CRO

Through On Deck, we found the first customers and our initial angel investors, which allowed us to raise $4 million from great investors. We're now partnering with On Deck.

Stella Han
Stella Han ODF4
Co-founder & CEO
Hired 3 key people, then raised $3M from Refactor Capital.

Our first three On Deck hires have set the bar quite high for candidates that will come through in the future.

Dan Miller
Dan Miller ODF4
Founder and CEO

Access our playbooks right now

We invested hundreds of hours to co-develop On Deck playbooks with industry experts.

Problem validation

Validate ideas & markets with Asher King Abramson

Coming soon

Co-founder dating

Find the right co-founder with Erik Torenberg

Build a founding team

Hire your early team with Keith Rabois

Coming soon


Find the right co-founder with Erik Torenberg

Seed fundraising

Find the right co-founder with Erik Torenberg

Apply to ODX Flexport

If you’re the founder of an early-stage logistics startup, or thinking about starting one in the future, apply now to join an upcoming cohort.
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What is the difference between ODX and ODF?

ODF is a program for people who are exploring the possibility of starting a company, but are unsure if that’s actually what they want to do. The program helps you navigate the idea maze, find collaborators and figure out if you're ready to build a venture-scaled business.

ODX is an accelerator for people who have the conviction to start a venture-scale company. ODX will help you validate your idea, find customers, hire a team and raise capital.

Who is ODX for? What kind of startup is right for ODX?

ODX is for talented, ambitious people who are working full-time on founding a venture-scale company (or who are ready to work full-time). ODX is different from other accelerators in that we don’t invest in companies or ideas — we invest in people. You can join ODX even if you are pre-team, pre-traction, or even pre-idea. If you are already working on a company, that’s great, too. ODX will help you identify and hit the next milestones you need to grow.

I’m not looking to start a company in the next 12 months, should I still join?

ODX is for founders who are working full-time on building a company (or who are ready to work full-time). If you think you want to start something, but aren’t quite ready to leave what you’re currently doing, you should apply to ODF.

How do cohorts work?

Your cohort in ODX is a group of 50-100 other founders who join ODX at the same time as you. You and your cohort get full access to all of the resources in ODX for 12 months from your cohort start date. ODX launches a new cohort every quarter.

What is a Build Partner? And a Build Advisor?

Companies will always have a single point of contact for ODX. This person will either be a Build Partner (BP) or a Build Advisor (BA). Sometimes, a company will have both.

Build Partner: A full-time member of the ODX team that has domain expertise in one or more of the following areas; Investor, Operator, Founder (as defined as directly deploying capital, being at a venture scale operating role, or founding a venture funded company).

Build Advisor: A part time member of the ODX team (possibly from the OD team) that has domain expertise or industry expertise that could be beneficial to a founder. They could be anything from a Program Director running an On Deck program, to an outside operator that has hands-on knowledge of a problem, and therefore helpful to ODX.

When will I hear back from you?

We want to give founders the resources they need, when they need them. For that reason, we review applications on a rolling basis and run a mutual 48-hour process: we commit to interviewing and, if accepted sending you an offer within 48 business hours of your application, and in return, expect to hear back from you within the same timeframe.

Will ODX be held virtually?

Because we recruit founders from all over the world, ODX is fully virtual. However, we have thriving alumni communities in many major metros, and will host periodic in-person events for founders to meet each other in person.

Do I need a company to join ODX?

You don’t need a company to join ODX. If you are unincorporated, we can handle the incorporation and banking process for you at no cost to you. If you are working out of an existing entity, it must be a properly incorporated Delaware C-corp. If your entity does not meet these criteria, we can work with you to update your articles of incorporation, or re-incorporate.

What happens if I don’t have a co-founder? Or an idea?

It’s OK not to have a co-founder when you join ODX. In fact, it’s ok not to even have a startup idea. ODX supports founders earlier than any other accelerator, so what we look for in founders is grit, talent, and a burning desire to start a venture-scale company. We can help you with the rest.

Do you invest in my company?

Yes. Upon your acceptance into ODX, we will make a $125,000 investment in your company in exchange for 7% ownership via a SAFE note. If you don’t have a company, we will help you incorporate one.

Can people from outside the US join ODX?

If you are an international founder, you’ll get access to our On Deck playbooks around international incorporation, and connections to preferred partners, but note that you’ll have to set up and cover the cost of the Delaware C-corp yourself.

What does access to the On Deck ecosystem mean?

The Access Pass helps you find collaborators, hire talent, raise capital, and get customers. You get access to:

  • Communities - Access to members of other communities like On Deck Angels, On Deck VC, and our Sector Networks;
  • Marketplaces - Software tools or services, like our fundraising concierge, media desk, or our talent and recruiting hub; 
  • Programming - Skills workshops and off-the-record talks with leading VCs and founders.

We are constantly expanding and evolving the Access Pass based on the needs of our founders.