On Deck Writer Fellowship (ODW)

A day-long writing & learning event by the On Deck Writer Fellowship

You're invited to join us for Drafted: a free, day-long virtual event sponsored by the On Deck Writer Fellowship. Hear from amazing speakers, meet other incredible writers, and learn how writing can accelerate your career online.

Learn from an incredible group of successful writers

Some of the phenomenal speakers you'll learn from at Drafted:
Packy McCormick, Not Boring
Starting and Growing a Weekly Newsletter
Nick deWilde, The Jungle Gym
Finding, Developing, and Growing your Niche
Michael Jones, The Supercreator
Developing a Sustainable Writing Practice
Jessica Li, Head of Content at Elpha
Conducting Great Interviews

Event Agenda

Here's what we'll cover during the one day intensive writing event. You'll end the day having produced something of tangible value: a short blurb about yourself and your written work that you can use on your website, blog, or newsletter.
Part 1 - Writing Fundamentals

Developing a sustainable writing practice

Establish a consistent writing habit to maximize your creative output.

Finding your niche

Learn how to find your niche and hone in on what you want to write about.
Part 2 - The Writing Process

Choosing compelling titles

Create compelling, non-clickbait titles that resonate with your readers.

Personal branding 101

Draft a bio or about page that sells yourself and your work.
Interactive Workshops
Join practical workshops led by top speakers on supercharging your writing practice.
Fun Socials
Meet a diverse group of attendees through our flagship community kickoff and Zoom afterparty.
ODW Alumni Panel
Hear from ODW alumni on what they accomplished during the program and the impact it had on their paths.
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The On Deck Writer Fellowship

The On Deck Writer Fellowship is an eight-week remote program for internet writers who want to improve their writing and grow an audience. We're currently offering special early-bird pricing of $1,990 for our third cohort, which kicks off April 17.
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Hear from amazing speakers, meet other incredible writers, and learn how writing can accelerate your career online.
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