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We built Via to boost the number of quality talent referrals you make to your companies while streamlining the process for everyone involved.

How It Works

1) Get your profile set up.

Apply to get a Via profile

First, we import all of the companies you’d like to have featured on your profile (see Arjun Sethi’s profile as an example) on your behalf.

Next, you receive a link to your profile featuring the companies you want to help with hiring.

You can put it in your Twitter and LinkedIn bios, on your fund’s site, and share it directly with talent when they ask you where they should be looking for their next job.

2) Give talent a way to find opportunities

We streamline things by enabling talent to self-serve. With Via, they can easily browse companies you’re connected to and request referrals through you.

3) Intro talent to your companies

Receive forward-able intro requests in your inbox that you can share with your companies.

We keep track of each referral on your behalf, so you can always know the status of candidates and companies you've referred them to.

Investor? Join Via and help your companies find talent.

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Don’t hesitate to reach out with feature requests or feedback to Julian directly at julian@beondeck.com.

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Kunal Shah, Emma Salinas and Julian Weisser