A private community of world-class tech talent looking to start or join their next thing.

First cohort is already underway! You can read about our launch here.

Next batch begins in October. Accepting applications now.


On Deck is an evolving community of world class talent who are openly—or secretly—about exploring their next thing. Currently, the community includes successful repeat founders, EIRs at top-tier VC firms, and great designers and engineers at companies like Facebook, Dropbox, Airbnb, and more.

Being “on deck” — the state of being between things or thinking of moving on — can be a time filled with uncertainty. We emerged out of a need for talented people to have a safe space to talk about their ideas and desire to start a company (or join another company), freely and confidentially. So much goes into successfully launching a company, and we wanted to create a thoughtfully curated community that truly supports the growth of entrepreneurs and their startups.

Since the first dinner in San Francisco in early 2016, we’ve expanded to 24 cities around the world, hosted over 3,000 people, and have seen 40+ companies founded and $80M+ raised by people who met at On Deck events.




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