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On Deck is where founders go to build world-changing startups in a community of peers, mentors, and investors.
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Our programs give you access to a vetted network of founders and supporters so you can build great things.

On Deck Founders

For early-stage founders who are anywhere from pre-idea through pre-seed.

On Deck Scale

For founders of high-growth, venture-scale companies looking to build authentic relationships with other growth-oriented founders to help scale themselves and their companies.

Execs On Deck

For leaders with 12+ years of experience who want to build successful careers in the startup ecosystem.


Our rigorous selection process ensures that the On Deck network is made up of ambitious people with shared guiding values and valuable experience as a builder.


We review applications on a rolling basis.


Chat with someone in the community to understand if you're a fit.


Chat with someone in the community to understand if you're a fit.

We've helped 2500+ founders find early hires, first customers, and raise capital.

1000+ Companies

Founded by On Deck fellows

$ 1B+ Raised

From top global investors

$ 9B+ Combined value

Companies founded over two years


How long is ODF?

Your On Deck membership lasts for 12 months. At the end of this time, you will have the option to renew your membership.

What is the time commitment?

How much time you invest in ODF is largely up to you. For your first month, we recommend spending at least 4 hours per week attending onboarding sessions and getting to know your cohort. After that, ODF is flexible. Some weeks you may want to spend 20 hours taking calls with fellows or attending sessions. Other weeks you may choose not to do anything. Many ODF fellows are working around families and jobs, and we fully support and respect these commitments.

What does ODF cost?

Yearly membership for ODF is $2,990.

Will ODF be held virtually?

You can participate in ODF fully virtually. However, we have thriving alumni communities in many major metros, and host regular IRL events in startup-centric metros like San Francisco, New York, and London.

Can people from outside the US join ODF?

Yes, with caveats. The community is comprised mainly of founders whose companies are selling to US/EU/LATAM-based customers. Our programming is also mostly geared towards US-based startups, and happens mostly on US-friendly hours. If you are not planning to sell to US/EU/LATAM customers, you may find less utility from On Deck Founders.

I have a company already. Can I still join?

Absolutely. ODF is for all early-stage founders, anywhere from pre-idea through seed stage. (Note: if you’re a seed-stage company with meaningful traction, On Deck Scale may be a better fit for you)

Will anyone else know that I joined?

Participation is held in strict confidence. Even if you’re happy to share, you are requested to respect the privacy of other members who aren’t ready to make their plans public.

How do rolling admissions work?

Rolling admissions means that you can apply to ODF anytime. There is no cutoff date, and if accepted, you will join the upcoming cohort. New cohorts kick off roughly every 2 months.

What are the guiding values for On Deck?

On Deck lives by four core guiding values, crucial to the culture we strive to foster in the community: Service, Confidentiality, Gratitude, Family.

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