On Deck Founder Fellowship Q&A

Featured alumni (in order of appearance)
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On Deck Fellowship

8 weeks. 200 Founders. Explore and Build Together.

The On Deck Fellowship creates an incredible community around a cohort of experienced founders and talented individuals in the formative stages of starting a company.

Meet co-founders, early hires, and accelerate through the most formative early days of building a company via a series of expert-led breakouts, virtual dinners, 1:1 matching, social gatherings, hackathons, access to our alumni community, and more.


Anyone can build software. What's elusive & scarce today is getting that initial network of connected early-adopters to commit to a product.


Tap into the collective intelligence of hundreds of entrepreneurs, all with deep subject matter expertise – short circuit your feedback loop.


Conventional wisdom holds that founders should know each other or have worked together before. We believe this to be false: we engineer this serendipity at On Deck.

Two Tracks

Fellows typically fall into two broad categories, which we’ve taken to calling “Explorers” and “Builders.”

On Deck programming plays an important role in fostering culture and relationships. With the success of ODF3’s collaborative virtual “breakouts”, and taking inspiration from top MBA programs like Stanford’s GSB, we’re excited to introduce a full elective “curriculum” tailored to each of these two groups. 


  • You’re talented and want to start a company, but aren’t exactly sure yet what you want to build, or who to build it with.
  • Deep dives on opportunities in industries such as fintech, biotech, consumer, etc.
  • Tactical co-founder dating and idea validation programming.


  • You know what you want to build & are early on in the journey.
  • Tap the community to accelerate progress: user interviews, customer introduction, or access the collective knowledge base
  • Focus on tactical knowledge and skills – covering topics from SEO to forecasting, recruiting to fundraising.

Apply for the June 2020 Cohort

Check out our announcement post!

Applications to the June 2020 cohort are open until May 20th.

Alumni spotlight

A few of the talented people who have joined us on their journey

Shiva Rajaraman

Former CTO at WeWork; VP Product Spotify; Dir. PM at Google

Andreas Klinger

Formerly CTO, Product Hunt. Head of Remote, AngelList

Celine Halioua

CEO, Celevity. CoS, Longevity Fund.

Aina Abiodun

Previously CEO 8fit & Storycode

Sean Linehan

Co-founder, Placement.com. Formerly VP of Product, Flexport

Anne-Laure Le Cunff

Founder, Ness Labs. Ex Googler

Elizabeth Slavitt

Founder, Speakeasy. Formerly CMO, Khan Academy

Nicolas Steegmann

Founder, Stupeflix (acq. by GoPro)

Yele Bademosi

Founder, Bundle Africa. Formerly Director of Binance Labs

Yannick Kpodar

Global Director of Product Marketing, PayFit. Ex-LinkedIn & Dell

Ming Lu

Former Head of Product, Lattice. Early engineer, Intercom.

Anh-Tho Chuong

Previously VP Growth, Qonto. Ex. Weebly, Mailjet, McKinsey

Ashley Tolbert

Senior Security Engineer, Netflix. Formerly NASA.

Réda Berrehili

Previously CTO, Onefinestay. Founder, Squarebreak (acq. by Accor hotels)

Carley Lake

Previously Global Brand Marketing Director, Uber

Jörg Doku

Previously Google Brain, Facebook AI
Rohan Relan
Kuldeep Kapade
Packy McCormick
Danny Shapiro
Rebecca Grubman
Vineet Thanedar
Ali Taylor
Celine Halioua
Peter Light
Luke Whiting
Eric Friedman
Cheryl Sew Hoy
Ann Ferracane
Maksim Stepanenko
Bec Hu
Jordan Kong
Ben Lee
Anuj Abrol
Clara Tsao
Sean Linehan
Steven Hsiao
Elizabeth Slavitt
Brandon Hill
Laura Thompson

Eric Friedman

COO at Company, formerly Global Senior Director, Foursquare

Luke Whiting

COO, Clearbit

Anuj Abrol

Chief of Staff, Justin Kan (Atrium)

Celine Halioua

Chief of Staff, Longevity Fund. PhD, University of Oxford

Rohan Relan

Co-founder, Agawi (acq. Google)

Sean Linehan

Co-founder, Placement.com. Formerly VP of Product, Flexport

Steven Hsiao

Co-founder, SpoonRocket

Kuldeep Kapade

Co-founder, VP of Engineering at Polymorph (acq. Walmart Labs)

Brandon Hill

Co-founder, Vori & Greo (YCS17). Stanford Student Body VP

Ali Taylor

Director of Strategy, Eventbrite

Ann Ferracane

Director, Growth East Coast at Lyft

Peter Light

Energy Lead, GoogleX. Director, Bloom Energy
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Maksim Stepanenko

Co-founder, Primer, Formerly Senior Software Engineer, Coinbase

Gonz Sanchez

Founder, Seedtable. Previously Head of Growth, Jobbatical

Ann Ferracane

Formerly Director, Growth East Coast at Lyft

Rodolphe Dutel

Founder, Remotive.io. Previously Director of Operations, Buffer.

Saul Diez-Guerra

Former CTO at Thinkful, Senior Engineer at Ampush

Zeni Bandy

Previously Head of Customer Experience, Belong

George Xing

Prev. Director & Head of Data Science & Analytics at Lyft

Mike LaVigne

Previously Cofounder and CPO, Clue

Ben Lee

Head of Product Design, Postmates

Pierre de Grandmaison

Global VP Strategic Publishers, Teads

Bec Hu

Sales, Strategy, and Ops at LinkedIn, Stripe, Uber, SeatGeek

Anne-Marie Schoonbeek

COO, ThankYouCareTakers.com, Ex-McKinsey

Ali Taylor

Director of Strategy, Eventbrite

Barbra Gago

Founder, PandoHR. Former CMO Miro, Greenhouse, CultureAmp

David Byttow

Founder, Secret; Director of Eng, Snap; Director of Infrastructure, Square

Roland Grenke

Previously Founder, Dubsmash

Lucy Mort

Former Director of Design, Hinge

Harpaul Sambhi

Co-founder, Careerify (acq. LinkedIn)

Clara Tsao

President, White House Innovation Fellows Foundation

Madelin Woods

Early engineer at Square. PM/Design/Eng at Facebook, IDEO, Intercom

Boris de Souza

1st Engineer, Chime. Head of Eng, Braintree Treasury. Sr Eng Manager, Slack.

Sunil Rajaraman

Formerly Co-Founder, Scripted. CMO, Metromile

Brandon Hill

Co-founder, Vori & Greo (YCS17). Stanford Student Body VP

Eric Friedman

COO at Company, formerly Global Senior Director, Foursquare

Rebecca Grubman

Founding Team, Wonderschool

Gina Gotthilf

Former VP Marketing, Duolingo. VP Growth, Quartz

Peter Light

Energy Lead, GoogleX. Director, Bloom Energy

Vineet Thanedar

Formerly Director of Engineering, Crunchbase

Luke Whiting

Formerly COO, Clearbit

Nicole Obst

Formerly Head of Growth, Loom. Head of Web Growth, Dropbox.

Cheryl Sew Hoy

Formerly CMO, Hack Reactor. Co-founder, Reclip.It (acq Walmart Labs)

Grant Marvin

Lead Founding Engineer, Superhuman. EIR, On Deck

Marcel Kornacker

Formerly Google F1 Query Engine Tech Lead; Cloudera architect and tech lead

Avlok Kohi

CEO, AngelList Ventures

Andreas Klinger

Formerly CTO, Product Hunt. Head of Remote, AngelList

Lexi Lewtan

Formerly Head of Operations, AngelList.


Friends of On Deck include some of the best minds in Silicon Valley. 50+ mentors, advisors, and experts contribute time and knowledge during the course of the Fellowship.

Keith Rabois

Partner, Founders Fund

Laura Deming

Founder, The Longevity Fund

Sarah Tavel

General Partner, Benchmark. Formerly GP, Greylock

Hiten Shah

Co-founder, FYI. Co-Founder, KISSmetrics

Austen Allred

CEO, Lambda School

Erik Torenberg

Co-founder, Village Global and On Deck

Arielle Zuckerberg

Partner, Coatue. Formerly Partner, KPCB

Ryan Graves

Formerly CEO/SVP Global Operations, Uber
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Soona Amhaz

Co-founder & Partner, Token Daily

Immad Akhund

CEO, Mercury

Andreas Klinger

Head of Remote, AngelList. Formerly CTO, Product Hunt

Balaji Srinivasan

Formerly CTO, Coinbase. Formerly Partner, a16z

Jeff Morris Jr.

Dir Product Growth, Lambda School. VP Revenue, Tinder

Sarah Guo

Partner, Greylock

Kanyi Maqubela

Managing Partner, Kindred Ventures

Anne Dwane

Partner, Village Global. Formerly CBO, Chegg

Leo Polovets

General Partner, Susa Ventures. Second Engineer, LinkedIn

Andy Chen

Partner, Coatue. Ex-CIA. Partner KPCB

Ryan Hoover

Founder, Product Hunt

Brianne Kimmel

Founder, Work Life Ventures

Anthony Kennada

CMO, Front. Formerly CMO, Gainsight

Eric Reis

Author, The Lean Startup

Anarghya Vardhana

Partner, Maveron. Formerly Global Social Lead, Google

Jose Guardado

Networks Partner, YC. Ex-Talent Partner, a16z

Brian Frank

Partner, FTW Ventures

Rebecca Kaden

General Partner, Union Square Ventures

Jonathan Swanson

Founder, Thumbtack

Sheel Mohnot

Fintech, 500 Startups. Former Head of BD, Groupon

Apply for the June 2020 Cohort

Check out our announcement post!

Applications to the June 2020 cohort are open until May 20th.