Announcing: On Deck Product Management Fellowship

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April 12, 2021
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Product management is one of the most exciting career paths today. As a product manager, you sit at the intersection of engineering, design and business impact and demand for the role only continues to grow.

Yet as the role continues to get more complex and competitive, you’re faced with a set of unique challenges – you are expected to consistently perform at the highest level, the job is often lonely, and the challenges you face are ambiguous. 

Making progress in your career as a product manager is even more difficult. The job is so hectic that balancing day-to-day execution, strategic thinking and skill development can feel impossible.

Enter the On Deck Product Management Fellowship (or ODPM).

ODPM is an 8-week remote program for experienced product managers who want to hone their skills, productize their expertise and build a trusted network of industry peers. We combine a step-by-step curriculum and world-class community to help you maximize your impact and career growth.

During the eight weeks weeks, you and 80 other PMs will come together to:

  • Learn actionable frameworks to deal with the toughest day-to-day PM challenges, featuring world-class speakers
  • Workshop in deep dive groups, curated by PM specialization like Growth, AI, Fintech and B2B
  • Creatively explore the breadth of career opportunities available for experienced PMs, beyond the traditional career ladder
  • Build a lifelong personal board of advisors through structured, topical networking

Your capstone for ODPM will allow you to tap into the super power of PM: productizing yourself. Your experience and knowledge – no matter where you are in your career – can be productized through content (blogs, videos, a newsletter, to name a few), shared, and leveraged to expand your reach, generate opportunities and increase your impact in the broader tech community. 

You’ll leave ODPM with a bespoke playbook that you can apply to your work immediately, publish content showcasing your expertise, and cement a competitive advantage with your network of product leaders — everything you need to take the next step in your product management career.

The Inaugural ODPM Cohort kicks off on July 11. You can apply here before June 27th 2nd. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Who will you be learning from?

A few of the talented individuals participating in our first ODPM cohort.

Ready to get started?

We’re thrilled to launch the On Deck Product Management Fellowship, and can’t wait to make product leadership more accessible to everyone. Applications are open.

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