Announcing: On Deck Health Fellowship

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February 7, 2021
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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a dynamic shift in the need for healthcare innovation. From vaccine research to telemedicine platforms, the industry is evolving as we speak. Investors have taken note as well, and 2020 saw global funding for healthcare startups hit a new high of $80.6B as quoted by CB insights.

But in the U.S. in particular, healthcare is designed, in many ways, to be inaccessible. Archaic processes, complex business models, and regulatory hurdles create an obscure system with lots of opportunity, but little incentive for innovation.

For startups in the healthcare space, these obstacles can often feel insurmountable. Indeed, many companies are unable to reach their full potential due to lack of institutional knowledge around incumbent interests, distribution pipelines and funding sources.

Enter the On Deck Health Fellowship (or ODH.)

The On Deck Health Fellowship is a 10-week program for startup and healthcare experts looking to found, join, invest in, and advise cutting-edge health tech companies. The program combines a world-class curriculum with top industry speakers, unique access to investors, and a pre-vetted pool of potential hires to help ambitious builders create the future of the healthcare ecosystem.

During the 10-weeks, you and 120 healthcare innovators will come together to:

  • Navigate the healthcare ecosystem and identify opportunities for innovation
  • Build, join, or invest in cutting edge health tech startups
  • Deepen your expertise though fireside chats and office hours with industry experts
  • Form life-long relationships with a group of talented peers

ODH is like a rolling industry conference, only better: it’s a space for fellows to deepen their industry expertise, accelerate their careers, and build impactful health tech startups — together.

You’ll also be surrounded by the On Deck community including founders, angels, no-code creators and more to help you validate your ideas, get critical feedback, and make lifelong connections to scale your business beyond the program.

The Inaugural ODH Cohort kicks off on April 10. You can apply here before March 27. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Who is in the first cohort?

A few of the talented individuals participating in our first ODH cohort.

Ready to get started?

We’re thrilled to launch On Deck Health, and can’t wait to build this space for you. The healthcare industry is ripe for disruption and ODH is primed to empower ambitious builders with the tools they need to reimagine and improve the future of healthcare.

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