Announcing: On Deck Fintech Fellowship

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February 15, 2021
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Fintech has exploded in the past decade. 

The complexity in building highly regulated financial products has always been the greatest constraint on innovation. 

But in the past few years, a growing set of companies have been designing the building blocks to enable others to launch new financial services in a fast, flexible & compliant way.

This is lowering barriers to entry and speeding up two trends: distribution innovation and product innovation.

Non fintech companies are now able to launch financial services leveraging existing distribution. New fintech startups can now build innovative products that address underserved behaviors, needs and audiences without having to build a lot of the plumbing themselves.

The result is higher personalization and access to financial services for the consumers and businesses but it comes with it’s own set of challenges. 

Lack of access to specialized knowledge and relationships holds many people back from gaining a foothold in these emerging areas. And no established community exists for people working on this next wave of innovation, leaving those in the ecosystem siloed into their own groups.

Enter the On Deck Fintech Fellowship (or ODFintech.)

On Deck Fintech is an 8-week remote program for founders, investors, and operators working on frontier themes in fintech, looking to share knowledge, find new opportunities, make connections and build — together.

During the 8 weeks, you will come together to:

  • Expand your knowledge through deep dives and tactical sessions 
  • Navigate the fintech ecosystem and explore frontier ideas
  • Tap into networks and get mentorship from veterans
  • Collaborate with a highly curated community of peers to achieve your professional goals

There was no one source for all types of participants to immerse themselves in the fintech ecosystem — until now. OD Fintech will help you deepen your knowledge, accelerate your career and help you gain access to networks previously available to a select few.

The Inaugural ODFintech Cohort kicks off on June 5. You can apply here before May 22nd. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Who is in the first cohort?

A few of the talented individuals participating in our first ODFintech cohort.

Ready to get started?

We’re thrilled to launch On Deck Fintech, and can’t wait to build this space with you. Whether you’re a founder looking to get feedback or find new hires, a domain expert seeking advice on navigating the ecosystem, or an operator looking to dive-deep into embedded fintech and emerging infrastructure, On Deck Fintech will be the force multiplier for the ecosystem. Applications are open.

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