ODF June 2020 Hackathon Winners

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June 24, 2020
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At the end of Week 1 of the fourth On Deck Fellowship cohort, we hosted a weekend hackathon to get Fellows collaborating and shipping projects together.

We had three prize categories:

  • Most Achieved
  • Most Creative
  • Most Impact

Winner: Most Achieved

Duka: Shopify for Africa 🌍 [Demo Link]

Team: Aashni Shah, Mickey Costa, Alexis Haebin Kim, Jeff Christian

Duka is Shopify for Africa, the easiest way for small businesses to set up and manage their online stores.

E-commerce in Africa is an $18B market but creating an online store in Africa is still extremely difficult. Credit card-based payments don't work in Africa's cash-based economy, there are no affordable store setup services like Shopify/SquareSpace, and online scams are a huge issue. Duka solves the biggest pain points as the Shopify for Africa: a one-click solution for accepting mobile currency (MPesa integration, an SMS-based Venmo popular in Kenya), price and inventory management, and customer reviews/certification systems

Winner: Most Creative

Open Kitchen: Video Resumes for Restaurants 🍽️ [Project Link]

Team: Alvaro Anspach, Adaobi Kanu, Nick Venturino, Aatash Parikh

Open Kitchen is replacing the traditional resumé screen by creating a video-driven job marketplace for hospitality employers & workers.

Winner: Most Impact

Clever Cow: Intelligent Pasture Management 🐮 [Project Screenshot]

Team: Jason Yosinski, Pujaa Rajan, Catriona Carey, Nivi Jayasekar, David Lobo

Managing ranch land using Rotational Grazing — where livestock are intentionally cycled through pastures to keep grass healthy — holds promise to increase yield and decrease irrigation costs for ranchers. Healthy grass also sequesters carbon in soil, combatting global warming. Clever Cow is a dashboard that uses satellite data to measure per-pasture grass health and drive daily rancher decisions.


We had many incredibly impressive projects outside of those mentioned above, and we’re excited to see them launch over the coming weeks!

On Deck is a community of hundreds of talented people in tech who are all going through career transitions, and exploring their next move. We run a 10-week Fellowship cohort where we create an environment for knowledge sharing, support, community, and collaboration.

Want in? Our next cohort starts in August 2020. Applications now open!

Our next cohort kicks off in August.

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