Announcing: On Deck Customer Success Fellowship

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April 19, 2021
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Customer Success is an essential function of modern businesses today. As a customer success leader, you play a critical role in improving customer satisfaction, reducing churn, handling onboarding and ultimately, creating sustainable business growth. 

But there isn't a clear blueprint for how to run CS in organizations. You often have to rely on trial and error or loose frameworks to navigate complex business challenges.

And CS as an industry is still fairly new, so analyzing and presenting CS ROI to peers, team members and leadership can be challenging.

Enter the On Deck Customer Success Fellowship (or ODCS).

The On Deck Customer Success Fellowship is an 8-week remote program for senior customer success operators and executives who want to expand their knowledge, build customer-centric cultures and maximize their potential as leaders. Our curriculum combines modern CS frameworks, in-depth case studies, and a highly curated community of peers to help you empower your teams and collectively improve the customer experience of your organization.

During the program, you and up to 100 other CS experts will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn actionable frameworks for common CS challenges like churn mitigation, onboarding strategy and more 
  • Engage in meaningful, data-oriented discussions with other CS leaders and exchange best practices
  • Gain new perspectives on leadership principles to empower your teams
  • Build and access an exclusive, curated library of relevant resources and models
  • Access the broader On Deck ecosystem ranging from founders and investors, to writers and designers

Think of ODCS as a curated community of senior customer success leaders, top operators, and experienced executives who'll come together to engage, grow and create in a confidential and safe space.

The ideal candidate for ODCS has tackled a wide range of challenges throughout their career and is ready to share their learnings with the rest of the community.

If you're a high performing operator or CS executive who genuinely cares about the customer experience, ODCS will help you maximize your potential as a leader and empower your teams to put customers first. Applications are open.

The Inaugural ODCS Cohort kicks off on July 18. You can apply here before June 20th. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Who you will be learning from?

A few of the talented individuals participating in our first ODCS cohort.

Ready to get started?

We’re thrilled to launch the On Deck Customer Success Fellowship, and can’t wait to help you maximize your potential as a CS leader.

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