Announcing: On Deck Community Builders Fellowship

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December 2, 2020
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On Deck’s core belief is that we can unlock talent via community: over the past 18 months, 1.500 fellows have joined the On Deck Founders community and started 250 companies, raising $200m+ from top investors.

The power of bringing talented individuals together and fostering that communal genius has been a major force in history. Countless technological breakthroughs emerged from communities – from the Italian Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution to modern day Silicon Valley.

Accelerated by a global pandemic, what once were local, in-person communities have now moved online. However, the unexpected progress has left community builders without the right tools or knowledge to thrive in a new world. 

The solution: we're taking everything we learned about building online communities to help you supercharge your own in 8 weeks.

Enter the On Deck Community Builders Fellowship (ODCB.)

ODCB is an 8-week program for community builders who want to supercharge their online community. The program will bring together a highly-curated group of 150 community builders to learn how to create communities, get them off the ground, and sustain the magic as they scale using the frameworks, tactics and best practices from the On Deck playbook.

The Inaugural ODCB cohort kicks off in early February. You can apply here.

Meet our Founding Fellows and Speakers

A few of the world-class Founding Fellows and speakers in our first ODCB cohort:

Ready to get started?

The world could be missing out on their best communities, so we’re thrilled to launch this new initiative, and can’t wait to build this space for you. Applications are open.

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