Announcing: On Deck No-Code Foundations

On Deck is launching On Deck No-Code Foundations: a 4-week, fully remote program for busy professionals and founders who are at the start of their No-Code journey, and want to learn the ropes of No-Code by getting their hands dirty, and go straight into building projects.

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March 15, 2022
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TL;DR: On Deck is launching On Deck No-Code Foundations: a 4-week, fully remote program for busy professionals and founders who are at the start of their No-Code journey, and want to learn the ropes of No-Code by getting their hands dirty, and go straight into building projects.

Over the last couple of years, No-Code has exploded — a $16 billion market and expected to grow to over $84 billion by 2027.

Everyone knows that ideas are cheap, and what really matters is execution. But if you don’t know how to code, it can be really challenging to bring some of your business ideas to life — whether that’s building a mobile app, creating a database, or automating specific workflows of your day-to-day operations.

That’s when No-Code comes in. Tools like Notion, Bubble, Coda, Zapier, Webflow, Softr, Airtable, (and many more!) have been reinventing the way software apps are built — that is, without writing a single line of code! You just need to visualize your idea, jot down some info about it like when writing a document, connect a couple of apps, and boom — your app is built, almost automagically.

Despite being hundred times easier than coding, even No-Code has its learning curve — and it’s not always the most straightforward. If you go down the No-Code rabbit hole, you’re likely to spend countless hours on Google understanding which tool is the right one for you across an ever-expanding ecosystem. Or, once you do find the one, spending more time on Youtube tutorials and support docs to get the hang of it and learn the basics. And this is all before you actually get to build your project. 

Yes, there are a bunch of No-Code learning platforms out there, but many of them lead  to getting sucked even deeper into the endless tutorial trap. And if you’re a busy professional who values your time, you may end up getting frustrated and giving up on your ideas.

At On Deck, we want to change this. We believe that learning the ropes of No-Code — and actually shipping your first project — should take four weeks, not four months, even and especially if you are a total beginner. We've designed an actionable curriculum that prioritizes your learning outcomes over mastering each tool because at the end of the day what matters to your customers is not your stack, but the value you deliver for them.

We also believe that learning No-Code should be fun, and done together with the guidance of seasoned leaders and enthusiastic peers — so that you know get answers to your questions faster, and ultimately ship your projects sooner, and no matter which location you tune in from.

That’s why we’ve created No-Code Foundations — a 4-week program to learn the ropes of No-Code by getting your hands dirty, and build your projects, together with a community of peers.

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Or keep reading to learn all the details.

Let’s get the basics of No-Code right!

No-Code Foundations gives you everything you need to learn the basics of No-Code in just four weeks. By getting accepted into the program, you will:

  • Learn which No-Code tools you need — Get an overview of the best No-Code tools out there, discover the ones you need to achieve your goals, and fast-track your learning curve. We’ve also partnered up with some No-Code companies to give you exclusive perks and discounts worth more than $200,000!
  • Get your hands dirty building your own No-Code projects — Apply what you learn by directly building your own No-Code projects — whether that’s a website, an app, or a database, you’ll learn how to ship it yourself. In four weeks, without spending countless hours on Youtube tutorials.
  • Get the best of both sync and async worlds — Save hundreds of hours wasted in hunting for the right tutorials and relevant guides by leveraging our expert-curated resources and asynchronous content that will show you the fastest path to your desired outcome.
  • Get immersed in live workshops — Go beyond consuming only tutorials, and learn directly from our expert instructors that will show you how to build projects that are broken down into a series of achievable steps.
  • Grow with flexible commitments — We’ve designed this program for ambitious professionals with a full-time job, so you can dedicate only about one hour every day, and make real progress without burning out your calendar.
  • Connect with global, like-minded builders — Make meaningful connections and longlife friends with other No-Code builders, so you can share your journey and learn together how to smoothly navigate your challenges, projects, and more.

Here’s an overview of the program

If you’re getting excited already, that’s great — here are some more details of how we’re making this happen. 

Our Program Director KP and our team at On Deck have put together an interactive, 4-week curriculum to get you ramped up on everything No-Code.

  • Week 1 — Onboarding & Building Simple Websites. On week 1, you’ll meet and greet your fellow community members and instructors, and get a good overview of the major No-Code tools in the market, how they work, and what you need them for. We’ll also get straight to business building your first, one-page personal or professional website — you guessed it right, with No-Code!
  • Week 2 — Building Dynamic Sites & Mobile Apps. You’ll quickly ramp up to validate your ideas with No-Code and use your tools to really learn by doing. Week 2 will be about building interactive and dynamic websites, directories and marketplaces, as well as mobile apps.
  • Week 3 — Automations & Integrations. By the end of week 3, you’ll learn how to automate tedious workflows — maybe involving calendar, emails, or other day-to-day operations — and use automations to boost your productivity and move data across all your No-Code tools.
  • Week 4 — Web Apps & Cohort Showcase. The final week will be dedicated to building a simple yet powerful web app, and how to set up membership communities or payments. Also, you’ll be sharing your work with your peers, to build confidence and accountability, in the ‘Build In Public’ fashion.

There’s more to it — keep reading.

Should you apply to No-Code Foundations?

No-Code Foundations is perfect for you if you have 0 experience with No-Code tools, and you:

  • Are a busy professional looking to increase your impact at work — so you’ll learn how to really scale your output without the need for more engineering resources, but just by leveraging cutting-edge No-Code tools and frameworks
  • Want to make strides on your entrepreneurial journey, by turning your ideas into reality and by building a portfolio of No-Code projects together with a vibrant community.

If you already have experience with No-Code and you want to level up your skills and peer-to-peer network, then you should apply instead to our No-Code fellowship. How are the two programs different exactly?

The Foundations program will help you go from zero to one in No-Code, while the Fellowship will help you become an all-star No-Coder. Foundations is the beginners course, while the Fellowship is a premium experience that gives you access to world-class founders and investors via Fireside Chats and Think Tanks — an opportunity to build deeper relationships with other No-Code experts via Mastermind Groups, and ultimately build and launch an impressive capstone project that can be part of the No-Code Demo Day.

If that sounds more like you, you can apply for the Fellowship instead.

Let’s get building!

If you’re just starting out with No-Code, it can be time consuming, but it really doesn't have to be.

At On Deck, we believe that learning together with experts and peers at the same time, and with both asynchronous tutorials and live workshops, is what makes the difference, because it makes your journey more enjoyable, and ultimately more valuable.

So if you're an aspiring No-Code builder, and you’re keen to learn by doing together with a global community of fellows, just head over to our site, and apply today.

You just need to complete a brief application outlining why you want to join the program, and we’ll get back to you in no time. 

Excited to be working with you,


-> Apply for No-Code Foundations today

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