Introducing: On Deck Drops

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April 1, 2021
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Our mission to help talented people accelerate their ideas and careers is predicated on connecting them to the fuel for progress in today's world: talent, capital, distribution, knowledge and most importantly, connection.

Our Fellowships create community to serve those core needs as a compounding experience where each program gets stronger with each additional cohort.

In conjunction with Fellowships, we're going to start exploring a multitude of ways to supplement them with opportunities to acquire, share, and collaborate around a diverse set of skills, knowledge, perspectives, and insights.

Introducing: On Deck Drops.

On Deck Drops are limited-allocation, one-off experiences to help talented individuals learn frontier knowledge, get access to opportunities and connect in unique ways.

Drops can be cohort-based courses (CBCs), mini-programs led by influential leaders, retreats, co-living experiences and more. Capacity will be limited and access will be prioritized for current On Deck Fellows.

Drops allow us to add value and create transformative experiences for our fellows by enabling some of the brightest minds to drop an "exclusive release" that others can benefit, learn, and grow from.

How do they work?

  • Anyone can apply. We will prioritize On Deck fellows in constructing the groups that will participate in each Drop. 
  • By default, all drops are one-off, limited experiences. In some edge cases where demand is high and it makes sense, we may transition it into a repeat offering.
  • Drops will touch on specific subjects that aren't addressed squarely by any of our individual fellowships, or include experiences that are separate from our in-person programming
  • We'll keep a diverse diet of topics: in the pipeline are topics ranging from art, literature, technology, culture, social and emotional learning, and exploring local startup ecosystems across the globe.

We’re thrilled to launch On Deck Drops and excited to bring new, unique experiences into the On Deck ecosystem. Stay tuned for our first drop coming your way soon!

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