Announcing: Consultants On Deck

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December 16, 2021
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TL;DR: On Deck is launching Consultants On Deck: a curated community for entrepreneurial consultants who are considering transitioning into startups.

Consultants are expert problem-solvers who can parachute into the most challenging business situation, quickly analyze what needs to be done, and build an effective strategy to help a client reach their goals.

Now more than ever, consultants are finding greener pastures in the startup world as they can leverage their generalist skill sets to create a bigger impact as a founder, early employee or VC.

But their unique background makes deciding next steps beyond consulting challenging:

  • Am I enough of an expert in something to found a company? 
  • How do I position myself effectively to transition into the role and industry I want?
  • Does my background translate into the startup environment?
  • How do I find more meaningful work in my next chapter?

Enter Consultants On Deck.

Consultants On Deck is a curated community for tech-curious consultants who are exploring opportunities in the startup world. We curate expert-led content and intimate workshops to help you explore a range of industries and functions in tech and startups to help you make an intentional decision towards the next step of your career.

Consultants On Deck is designed for both current consultants and those who are already one or two roles beyond their consulting days. We welcome those from all levels and match fellows with mastermind groups and peers with similar career stages and aspirations.

Whether you’re curious about opportunities in tech, determined to join a startup or VC, or are considering starting your own venture, Consultants On Deck is the best place to figure out what’s next and accelerate your path to getting there.

The inaugural Consultants On Deck Cohort is kicking off in February 2022. Secure your place in the next onboarding cohort by applying today. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

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