Announcing: On Deck People Ops

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March 9, 2022
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TL;DR: On Deck is launching On Deck People Ops to enable People Ops leaders to accelerate their careers and make a meaningful impact at their organization.

Work, as we know it, has dramatically changed in the last few years. A global pandemic, and ‘The Great Resignation’ have prompted organizations to question how they fit into the lives of their employees, rather than the other way around. The answer to this often lies with People Ops—a team focused on the ‘moments that matter’ during the employee journey.

People Ops is critical to building the foundations of company culture and maintaining it over time—especially as companies scale. From onboarding, to performance management, and employee benefits, this team is central to people’s well-being across the organization.

However, the role can be isolating, and the sensitive nature of the job makes it difficult to discuss challenges, seek advice, or collaborate with others in your organization. As a result, leaders in this function often allow their own wellbeing and career development to take a backseat.

What if that didn’t have to be the case? 

Introducing: The On Deck People Ops Fellowship (ODPOPs)

A curated community designed to enable People Ops leaders to accelerate their careers and make meaningful impact at their organization.

The fellowship provides a safe and empathetic space to engage with a community of peers who face similar challenges and are excited to share solutions that have worked for them. You can confidentially validate your ideas, intentionally set and achieve personal growth goals, and proactively address future challenges using the collective experience of the community.  

ODPOPs kicks off with a 4-week onboarding to provide fellows with the opportunity to connect and learn how to navigate the broader On Deck ecosystem for the year ahead.

After the onboarding, as a fellow you can benefit from the community in a number of ways:

  • A trusted, exclusive community: Level up alongside a handpicked network of ambitious People Ops leaders to help brainstorm and navigate your everyday challenges. Cultivate a personal advisory board to enable you to optimize your personal and professional trajectory.
  • Curated Connections: Meet the mentor you’ve been looking for, established People Ops leaders to collaborate with, or even your next star hire through 1:1 connections tailored to your goals.
  • Career Toolkit: Accelerate your career through proven frameworks and best practices from industry experts and access to a curated library of vetted templates and playbooks. Topics include: ‘Future of Work & Modern Workforce Challenges’, ‘People Ops tools to Drive Efficiency’ and ‘Addressing Unconscious Bias in Talent Development’.
  • The On Deck network: Benefit from unparalleled access to the entire On Deck ecosystem - across all our fellowships. This includes direct access to exciting early-stage startups for mentorship opportunities and a community of world-class professionals to help find solutions to your everyday professional challenges 

You can dive into everything the fellowship has to offer, or opt-in only to what best suits your goals and time. We curate all programming and connections to maximize your time and the value you get out of the fellowship.

Whether you are currently the Head of People at an early-stage startup looking for external support, or a Senior People Ops Manager actively accelerating your career, this program is for you.

Meet the Founding Fellows!


Apply by June 3 for the inaugural kickoff on June 19. ODPOPs is by-application only, and there are only 80 spots available - so apply fast!

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