Announcing: On Deck EdTech

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June 14, 2021
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Higher learning is going through a renaissance. The COVID-19 pandemic transformed the face of education and more change in the industry occurred over the past year than the past decade. 

“Zoom School” has many questioning the value of a college degree causing participation in bootcamps, online courses and hands-on learning methods to skyrocket.

There’s never been a better time for ambitious builders to envision the future of education. But building alone is hard. Regulatory hurdles, slow moving academic incumbents and lack of access to institutional knowledge has slowed innovation — until now.

Enter On Deck EdTech (ODEdTech)

On Deck EdTech is a continuous community that brings together startup and education experts looking to found, join, invest in and advise the next generation of EdTech companies.

ODEdTech will bring together three core groups of builders:

  • Founders building an EdTech startup, actively fundraising/preparing to fundraise or searching for top talent to join their team. 
  • Operators looking to network with other professionals, looking for their next role, or looking to find a co-founder for a new company
  • Investors aiming to hone their investment thesis, access deal flow, and find skilled operators for their portfolio companies

The experience will then kick off with a month-long intimate onboarding to foster deep connections and build familiarity with the On Deck ecosystem.

Afterwards, you’ll join a lifelong community of top founders, operators and investors passionate about building the future of the industry — together.

Every month you'll get access to:

• Social & networking events 

• Curated connections with other fellows 

• Mastermind sessions with trusted peers 

• Intimate deep dives with industry leaders

You’ll also participate in specialized tracks, designed to help you reach your unique goals, whether that’s raising money for your current venture, finding a new role or establishing a partnership for your organization.

Ready to get started?

We’re thrilled to launch On Deck EdTech, and can’t wait to build the go-to community for learning and innovation in education wth you, while supporting the next generation of founders, operators and investors who want to launch and scale EdTech ventures. Interested? Secure your place in the next onboarding cohort by applying by July 31st.

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