Unlock the full potential of your charitable giving

The Philanthropy Forum is a highly-curated community for high net-worth individuals who are committed to developing a personal, inspiring approach to their philanthropic giving.
Forums are invitation only. Request one by October 8th to join the next onboarding cohort kicking off October 22nd
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Expand and diversify your network and sources of inspiration

The philanthropy forum is a meeting point for sector and industry leaders focused on investing their wealth in social innovation and philanthropic initiatives. Participants will benefit as well from unforeseen, positive second-order consequences -- friendships, business partnerships, investment ideas, and more.

A community to learn from

Access a community of peers actively developing their perspective and approach without being endlessly invited to make donations.

Curated introductions to other leaders

Engage 1:1 with leaders who are at a similar moment of development as you are as well as with leaders who are further along in their practice of giving.

Absolute discretion and confidentiality

Experiment and form relationships through openness and curiosity, shielded from solicitation from those who don’t know your priorities.

Commit, act, and reflect in masterminds

Meet regularly with a group of peers in a similar position to learn together, sharpen your perspective, commit to priorities, and share the impact of your giving on yourself, your family, and the world around you.

Monthly sessions

Join monthly, intimate group conversations with others who are at similar stages of their philanthropic journey, moderated by an expert.

Small, intimate groups of 8 people

Work through the highs and lows of growth in a supportive environment and get practical tips and insights to shape your path forward.

Meaningful connections

Develop deep relationships with talented peers that will last far beyond your learning groups.

Build lasting relationships in an intimate setting

Oct 22 (Fri) to Oct 23 (Sat), Napa Valley

The Forum will kick off with an in-person gathering to form relationships with the cohort, reflect on your goals, and generate milestones for learning over the year ahead.
Exclusive, private setting
Ample time for recreation
Memorable meals with new friends
Space to pause, reflect, and renew

In Partnership with

We provide access to this powerful network at almost no cost to the entrepreneurs. As a not-for-profit, we rely on the generous support of donors, corporate partners and government funding to provide access and accelerate our next generation of entrepreneurs.

Join the Philanthropy Forum

On Deck Philanthropy is a highly-curated community with an in-person gathering to help you build lasting relationships from Day 1. You can request an invitation if you meet the following criteria.
$10,000,000 investable assets
$100,000 in philanthropic donations in 2021 (by 12/31/21).
Motivated to experience joy and fulfillment along with impact through your philanthropy

Receive an invite

Get a referral from an existing member or request an invitation.

Interview with two members

We interview and select experienced and successful leaders to join.

Join the community

Kickoff the experience with an in-person retreat.


Who should join?

The On Deck Philanthropy Forum is a community for high net-worth individuals who are at a moment of transition in their approach to giving, moving from donating reactively to developing to giving away hundreds of thousands or millions per year. 

What does it cost?

1-year membership: $10,000 donation to On Deck’s Access Fund

Additional $10,000 pledge to make a donation before 12/31/21 to a cause of choice, and to discuss the donation with your small mastermind group. 

What is the time commitment?

In-person gathering: dinner Friday, 10/22/21, through dinner 10/23/21.

90-minute small group gatherings 9x per year (virtual).

Is it a fully remote program?

No. There will be an in-person gathering, Friday night through Saturday night 10/22/21 - 10/22/22 (location TBD, most likely West Coast, USA).

What are the guiding values of On Deck?

On Deck lives by four core guiding values, crucial to the culture we strive to foster in the community:

* Service: On Deck is bigger than any one person. For this community to thrive, it must be driven by a spirit of service to others. Be generous with your time, knowledge, and support. Karma has a way of finding its way back.

* Sacredness: By default, everything is off the record. Many in this group are searching for something deeper in their lives or making big transitions, and others may not yet have publicly shared this with friends, family, or employers. Please honor that, and avoid sharing anything you learn about each other without explicit permission.

* Respect: You are all now part of the On Deck family. You’re all embarking on what will surely be a rollercoaster of a journey — but you’re in this shared experience together. With that comes a sense of responsibility: be inclusive, stick together, and respect one another.

* Gratitude: have a spirit of curiosity and gratitude. We’re bringing together a group of fascinating people, most of whom likely have never met each other…how amazing is that? Get to know each other, and make the cohort what you want it to be for yourself.

How long is my membership in the forum?

You will have access to the full community of support and tools for one year, at which point your membership in the community will renew for an additional year. 

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