On Deck Membership

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On Deck Universe

The On Deck Membership brings together On Deck alumni as they continue to accelerate their ideas and careers long after their fellowships have ended. Membership includes ongoing connectivity with the On Deck network, unique member-only events, and early access to new offerings.

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Membership Cost:
$299/year (or $29/month)
3 months included in all Fellowships

Build on the momentum of your fellowship and continue to accelerate your career or idea

Your fellowship has ended, but your journey in On Deck has just begun. Harness your progress and stay supported as you take your next step. When you’re ready to join your next fellowship, we’ll apply up to 1 year of membership dues to the cost of your next fellowship. 

Expand your network

You’ve met some amazing people in the On Deck community through your fellowship, and now the full network awaits you through the On Deck Directory and events, including curated member-only spaces.

Find answers and support

As you continue to progress, you’ll reach new crossroads. Access to the network, membership team, and partners will enable you to find the insights and perspectives you need to land the best path forward.

Uplevel your skills

As a member, you’ll get access to all content from your fellowship, including new recorded sessions and resources added weekly to support you every step of the way. When it’s time for your next fellowship, we’ll apply up to 1 year of membership dues towards the cost of your next fellowship.

What's Included

No Membership

✔️ Access to your cohort in the On Deck Directory
✔️ Access to limited OD cohort-only Slack channels
✔️ Access to sessions recorded during your cohort

On Deck Membership

✔️ Full, universal access to the On Deck Directory
✔️ Community Slack Access
✔️ Access to selected live events and recorded sessions
✔️ Access to resources including perks and content library
✔️ Access to In-Person Meetups including colocation, local city meetups, and retreats
✔️ Curated, member-only support, team, and spaces
✔️ Up to 1 year of membership dues can be applied to any fellowship.
✔️ 20% commission fee waived for Lean Hire projects.


What if I don’t subscribe to membership after my Fellowship?

If not subscribed to membership, Fellows will retain access to their cohort through Slack and the Directory, as well as all sessions recorded during their Fellowship.

Is On Deck Membership standard across all Fellowships?

Some fellowship have bespoke membership options, including ODS, ODA, and ODVC.

Are scholarships available for membership dues?

Generally we don’t offer scholarships for membership given the lower price point of $29/mo. If membership cost is prohibitive for a member, please reach out to our team.

Do the current Fellows and Alumni need to pay for the membership too?

As our earliest adopters, Fellows and Alumni who took part in ODF1-9, ODW1-3, or any first cohort will have free access to these membership services.

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