On Deck Investing Fellowship (ODI)

Become a more informed investor and level up your portfolio. In 10 weeks.

On Deck Investing is a 10-week remote program for investors who want to deepen their knowledge of public markets, understand investor psychology, and accumulate practical tools for long-term wealth creation. Our curriculum combines modern investment frameworks, market analysis, and a community of thoughtful peers to help you plan and execute on your financial goals.

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Everything you need to gain a holistic understanding of the investment process

Navigate the complexity of building an investment portfolio with market analysis frameworks, psychology deep dives, quantitative/qualitative skill development and much more.

Understand the drivers of market behavior

Building a successful investment portfolio is tough. Learn the fundamentals of allocation and construction from a world-class roster of speakers. Join asset deep dives on bonds, stocks options, and more so you can master every part of the process.

Master the mindset of successful investors

The first step to investing is to understand yourself. Master your mindset though deep dives into mental models, financial anxiety, and common money mistakes. Obtain clarity on your risk preferences and define your financial goals so you can take concrete steps to achieving them.

Craft your unique investing thesis

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to investing. Develop your personal investment thesis by connecting your passions to your portfolio. Explore options across asset classes so you can invest in what matters to you.

Learn from top investors and finance strategists

Here are just a few of the phenomenal speakers including founders, experts, and industry leaders you will learn from during our first cohort.
Morgan Housel
Partner at Collaborative Fund, author of The Psychology of Money
Annie Duke
Author & former professional poker player
Keith Rabois
General Partner at Founders Fund
Nick Maggiulli
Chief Operating Officer, Ritholtz Wealth Management
Yasmin Razavi
General Partner at Spark Capital
Mario Gabriele
Founder at The Generalist
Lyn Alden
Investor, Engineer, Writer & Founder, Lyn Alden Investment Strategy
Will Quist
Partner at Slow Ventures
Delphi Digital
Crypto and Digital Asset institutional-grade research firm
Brent Johnson
CEO, Santiago Capital
Jessica Chen Riolfi
Founder, ontrail
Ali Hamed
Managing Partner & Co-founder, CoVenture
Joy Lere
Licensed Clinical Psychologist & Behavioral Finance Consultant
Byrne Hobart
Writer, The Diff - Inflections in Finance and Tech
Ryan Selkis
CEO, Messari
Crissi Cole
Founder, Penny Finance
Megan O’Connor
Entrepreneur in Residence, Kaplan Test Prep
Luke Gromen
Founder & President, Forest for the Trees
Iris Choi
Partner, Floodgate Fund
Jeff Booth
Co-Founder & Partner, Second Foundation Partners
Shana Sissel
CIOm, Spotlight Asset Group
Kris Abdelmessih
Options Portfolio Manager
Tory Reiss
CEO and Co-Founder, Equilibrium
Daniel Gnecco
Owen Brainard
Managing Director, Brainard Capital
Roger Farley
Investor & Entrepreneur
Bob Iaccino
Co-Founder & Co-Portfolio Manager, The Stock Think Tank
Nadine Terman
founder, CEO, and CIO of Solstein Capital
Callie Cox
Senior Investment Strategist at Ally Invest
Kelsey Willock
Founder, Tardi App and Author of Not Your Boyfriend's Investment Advice
Iris Social
Social Investing App focused empowering the retail investor
Financially Mindful
Debunk myths around retirement and financial planning, budgeting, long term care and other topics so you're mindful of the steps you can take to enjoy personal financial freedom with Hosts Dan James and Jim Grace
Canopy Life
LTC planning with Dan James and Mana Bhatt Sanghvi

Apply for the Investing  Fellowship

The first cohort kicks off in June. Early Bird pricing of $2490 is available for the first 200 completed applications. Afterwards, access to the program is $2,990 (or four installments of $750).*


Our Fellows are the heartbeat of our community. Here's what they have to say.

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Matias Sanchez

Couldn't recommend this enough. If you're writing for the internet or writing in general, this is the community you never knew you needed.

Kai Faust

My experience with On Deck in 2020:

- Several deep friendships and that I expect to last a lifetime.

- Warm intros to customers, talent and advisors.

- Access to capital (Raised $100K+ during ODF6)

- $20K+ in perks (AWS, DocSend, and more)

I kinda feel like crying. So grateful.

Sneh Ganjoo

Midway through ODF & every time I attend a session or interact with the community I have the same excitement as Day 0. I wish all founder communities were like this.

I have never seen a community that translates the true essence of business & ideas beyond borders before @beondeck

Nick Singh

On Deck helped me realize that writing was a viable career. As a Software Engineer in SV, thought founding a tech startup was the only path. Then ODF1 happened.

12 months later, and I got a book on the way & a newsletter with 44k subscribers. Big fans of @david__booth & team!

Harvey Multani

@beondeck will do for human capital what @AngelList did for financial capital

Aditi Parekh

Searching the directory for any startup-related questions before searching on Google or Twitter 🤟

Enzo Cavalie

The fellowship still hasn't started and I just received gold nuggets.

Crazy how @beondeck is able to attract talented people with a great willingness to share and help others.

Roy Bahat

Communities like @beondeck are creating a new way to learn how to get going on making something new, together with others.

Matt Restivo

I thought I knew talented people. Then I joined @beondeck.

Girish Gupta

What a wonderful line from a CEO/hiring manager: "The faster you can run up a curve, the harder we'll work to make sure there's another one waiting for you."

I'm astounded by the quality of leadership and community.

Packy McCormick

The year is 2022. Every smart person I know from twitter works at On Deck.

Luba Yudasina

One of the best decisions of the last 2 years was joining @beondeck. So grateful to witness their growth first hand ❤️

Thank you @eriktorenberg and @david__booth for building something this special!

Peter Yang

In all seriousness, I think quality cohort based programs like @beondeck are already starting to disrupt business school.

Griff Foxley

Will @beondeck please just right now setup an annual pass type thing so I can just be apart of every damn thing they offer?

Anthony McGuire

Highly recommend that people apply to the On Deck Writer Fellowship! It has been a gamechanger for me--one of the best programs in the world!

Curriculum & Founding Fellows

Community is the core of the Investing Fellowship. Here's a taste of what you'll learn alongside a few of the incredible fellows participating in our first cohort.
Personal Finance

Crafting a Successful Investment Strategy

Learn about portfolio strategy, creation, and curation.

Product Deep Dives

Explore financial products and choose investments that fit your goals.
Investor Psychology

Behavioral Finance and Market Rationality

Understand what makes you (and the markets) tick.

Separate the Signal from the Noise

Hear actionable insights from the best in the business on how they process information to drive returns.
Portfolio Strategy and Construction

Conceptual Frameworks for Strategic Investments

Refine your investing principles through deep dive sessions and strategy workshops.

Lessons from History

Hear from industry experts on previous market cycles and lessons learned.
Investment Analysis and Research

Investment Techniques

Learn the qualitative and quantitative aspects of investing.

Thematic Investing

Get best practices on tech stacks, product development, go-to market and fundraising from top builders.

Asset Class Deep Dives

Learn best practices for investing in real estate, public equity, crypto, SPACs, small businesses, options, baseball cards, collective investing, NFTs and more.
Fireside Chats
Learn from industry-leading strategists and develop a holistic perspective on how you think about markets.
Office Hours
Garner advice from top finance professionals on capital allocation, mental models, diversification and more.
Mastermind Groups
Connect with a supportive group of peers to build the structure and accountability you need to compound your investment journey.

The On Deck Method

We're building a modern educational institution that redefines how community and learning come together. Being part of any On Deck program means you’ll have access to a community of world-class professionals. With every new program we launch and cohort we start, your network gets stronger.

Here are the cornerstones of the On Deck experience:

Deep Friendships

Our virtual fellowship programs provide members with community, education, and support. This is a place for cohort-style learning, but also deep personal connections.

Unparalleled Knowledge

There are limitless opportunities for learning and sharing here. You’ll get access to expert speakers, office hours, build weekends, and our session library full of curated content. Dig in!

Community Diversity

We’re proud to have a community diverse in culture, thought, and life experiences. This enables revolutionary ideas, inclusive solutions, and boundless growth opportunities.

Scaled With Software

We’re building in-house tools to improve how we share community knowledge, aligned opportunities, and helpful connections.

Engineered Serendipity

When everyone is going through a shared experience and seeking similar goals, incredible things happen.

Spirit of Service

One of the things we love most about our community is how willing and excited members are to support one another. This spirit is the strong heartbeat of the On Deck community.

Apply for the Investing  Fellowship

The first cohort kicks off in June. Early Bird pricing of $2490 is available for the first 200 completed applications. Afterwards, access to the program is $2,990 (or four installments of $750).*


Who should apply?

To be a good fit for ODI, you are probably:

  • Someone with an active interest in investing, and looking to understand the nuances of the markets and take their investing strategy to the next level
  • Entrepreneurial, independent, able to apply lessons learned into action
  • Eager to connect with other investors, engage in a fast-paced and dynamic community, as the value of the On Deck network and the peer-to-peer connections compounds the experience
  • You need not be an “expert investor” to apply to the program. ODI is for those who want to explore concepts more, as well as those who understand the markets deeply

Am I the right type of investor for this program?

This program is for all types of investors interested in personal finance and public market investing. If you are most interested in learning more about private market investments please contact us to learn more about what is the right fit for you.

How long will I have access to the community?

After the fellowship, you’ll retain access to your cohort and be able to subscribe to membership for continued access to the On Deck ecosystem.

Do I need to be an experienced investor?

This is for people who are looking to expand their investment knowledge and level up their portfolio. You do not need to be an industry professional. We recommend that you have interest in the markets, and are looking to learn. This is for investors across varying stages of their journey, with a focus on market enthusiasts who are looking for a passionate and thoughtful community!

Do I need to have a minimum amount of money invested already or to invest?

No, there is no minimum amount of money that you need to have already or in the future to be invested. We do however recommend to have at least $10k to invest to get the full value of the program and truly understand how you make investment decisions.

Is this a fully remote program?

Yes: ODI will be run entirely remotely. 

Post-COVID, we’ll return to organizing offline programming like dinners, small gatherings, and retreats, but the core Fellowship will remain a remote-first experience.

How is this program different from other investment programs?

ODI is a holistic deep-dive into the entire investment process alongside other experienced investors who will share this journey with you. You will be able to have thoughtful conversations with investors ranging from best practices, investment analysis, market trends and the ability to build long lasting relationships to create your own personal ‘investment committee’. We begin with investor psychology in mind, with the goal to help you truly understand your own risk preferences and financial goals in order to help you better your financial future. We cover different schools of investing with deep dives into nuanced asset classes. This program is a combination of community, curriculum, and curation.

Will this program be giving investment recommendations or financial advice?

No. This program will not provide any investment recommendations or financial advice.

The details of the distinctions are available in this disclaimer:

Nothing herein shall constitute or be construed as an offering of financial instruments or as investment advice or investment recommendations (i.e., recommendations as to whether or not to “buy”, “sell”, “hold”, or to enter or not to enter into any other transaction involving any specific investment) by nZero Labs, Inc. (“On Deck”) or a recommendation as to an investment or other strategy by On Deck. Data and other information available on this site should not be considered as information sufficient upon which to base an investment decision. All information provided by On Deck is impersonal and not tailored to the needs of any person, entity or group of persons. On Deck does not express an opinion on the future or expected value of any security or investment and does not explicitly or implicitly recommend or suggest an investment strategy of any kind.

Are there scholarships or financing options available?

Our goal is to make the Fellowship accessible to the absolute best talent, no matter their financial situation.

All Fellows have the option to pay in four monthly installments (with no interest or additional charges). We also have a limited number of scholarships available thanks to our Access Fund. Information about scholarship applications will be provided to accepted Fellows closer to the kickoff date.

What is the time commitment?

Between attending strategy workshops and attending speaker sessions, you should expect to commit two to four hours a week.

Beyond workshops, ODI is designed to be a choose-your-own-adventure buffet. You get out what you put in: often, the biggest contributors are also the biggest beneficiaries!

Depending on your schedule and interests, you could choose to:

  • Attend speaker sessions, tactical deep dives, and strategy workshops for full immersion
  • Tune in as you’d like and attend sessions that are particularly interesting to you
  • Use the On Deck directory to connect with fellows one-on-one
  • Attend community events or cross-program events

Most fellows have full-time jobs, so our programming is designed with that in mind.

Can I participate from anywhere in the world?

Yes: ODI will be run entirely remotely. This enables participation from all corners of the world. We’ve spent the past two ODF cohorts mastering the playbook for building remote communities and relationship building online, and will apply the same approach here.

Post-COVID, we’ll return to organizing offline programming like dinners, small gatherings, and retreats, but the core Fellowship will remain a remote-first experience.

Did we miss your question? Drop us a line and we will get back to you asap.
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