Join a community of founders who will become your earliest supporters

ODF is a community of early-stage founders who have started 800+ companies now worth over $9 billion.
We onboard 100 founders every few months with an IRL kick-off summit in the Bay Area, then use software and lightly-structured programming to foster relationships that will help them find co-founders, make early hires, build early product momentum, get distribution, and raise capital.

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Companies started by our fellows
Combined valuation after raising $800m
Top companies represented in our community

Designed to help you go from 💥 collisions
to 🚀 momentum

Draw up to $25,000 to cover living expenses

If you need to cover living expenses while you explore, you can draw up to $25,000 from our Access Initiative via ODF Advance. If you build conviction to start a company, the $25,000 converts to 1.4% equity, and we'll invest another $125,000 via ODX. If you don't, we only ask you to pay it forward to the next founder by contributing back to the Access Initiative.

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first – Get to know the community with an IRL summit

On Deck kicks off with a 2-day, an in-person summit in the Bay Area.

Having an anchor in the Bay Area, where relentless optimism and contagious ambition are ubiquitous, has never been more important. 

Our 2-day kick-off summit in the Bay Area is carefully engineered to help you build foundational relationships with 100+ founders that will persist beyond the weekend. 

Online Community – 2500+ founders to connect with

Join over 2,500 founders who built 800+ companies worth $9 billion. Whether you’re validating an idea, seeking a co-founder, raising money, or just looking for people to build with — you’ll find people  help you along the way.

Community Directory & Asks – Find the people & answers you need

Our product helps you find the people and answers you need, when you need them. Easily find the most relevant people for you, and get notified when there are new members who meet the criteria you’re looking for. 

Structured Bootcamps – navigate the idea maze or find a co-founder.

Find the right partner through Co-founder Sprint. Meet founding team members and collaborators through the community, curated 1:1 introductions, and virtual and IRL social and networking events.

Fundraising Support – everything you need to get fundraising-ready

We’ll help you prepare for your first round of financing when you’re ready. This includes a Fundraising Bootcamp, where you’ll learn to craft your narrative, build your deck and assemble your investor CRM, and First Look, a quarterly event to kick-off your process in front of an audience of angels. 

SF Pop-up Space – More collisions, more momentum

Post-collision, we’ll help you close the loop on follow-up. That might mean additional intros, growing your Circles, or surfacing relevant updates going forward.

Credits and Perks – don't break the bank when getting started

Over $800k in credits and discounts from AWS, Google Cloud, Ramp, Brex, Carta, Eight Sleep incorporation law firms and much more. 

If you’re ready to build, we’re ready to back you

We believe in you and your ideas. When you join ODF, we commit to this handshake deal: if you start a company within the next year, you'll join ODX, and we'll invest on our standard terms of $125,000 for 7%.

On Deck Fund

Access our playbooks right now

We invested hundreds of hours to co-develop On Deck playbooks with industry experts.

Problem validation

Validate ideas & markets with Asher King Abramson

Coming soon

Co-founder dating

Find the right co-founder with Erik Torenberg

Build a founding team

Hire your early team with Keith Rabois

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Find the right co-founder with Erik Torenberg

Seed fundraising

Find the right co-founder with Erik Torenberg

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On Deck Founders is $2,990 for 12 months. We don't ask for equity up-front but if On Deck invests capital in you, we'll refund you the cost of the community.
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The next ODF cohort kicks off in April.
We review applications on a rolling basis.
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On Deck founders have raised $2 billion from top investors and leveraged the community to find their first customers, hires and investors

Hired employee #1, then raised $63M including a16z and YC Continuity.

On Deck helped us hire our first employee, raise $900k in pre-seed, and accelerate our GTM motion within the network. Our Series B wouldn’t have happened without On Deck.

Matt Schulman
Matt Schulman ODF3
Founder and CEO
Raised $51M from True Ventures and Village Global.
Viswa Colluru
Viswa Colluru ODF3
Founder and CEO
Raised $100M from Elad Gil and General Catalyst.
Harshita Arora
Harshita Arora ODF3
Raised $38M from Khosla Ventures and First Round Capital.
Celine Halioua
Celine Halioua ODF2
Founder & CEO
Validated idea and connected with first users, raised $25M led by 776 Ventures
Peer Richeson
Peer Richeson ODF6
Co-founder and CEO
Found customers, recruited a team, and raised $21.5M.

On Deck helped me recruit our team, find our first beta customers, and build a community of support to get through the challenges of the founder to CEO transition.

Sasha Orloff
Sasha Orloff ODF8
Founder and CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ODF?

ODF is a community for founders who’re exploring starting something soon, have taken the leap to start, or are an early-stage founder looking to accelerate with the support of a community.

How long is the program?

ODF is a 12-month program. It kicks off with a two-day in-person summit in San Francisco on Friday April 21st. After the retreat, you’ll have 4 weeks of IRL and virtual programming designed to meet your goals.  Afterwards, you'll continue to have access to the community for another 12 months.

What is the time commitment?

The first few weeks are a structured onboarding into the community. We strongly encourage everyone to attend the 2-day kickoff summit in San Francisco. 

Post-summit, the 4-week programming will offer a combination of networking, building, and actively learning from structured sessions. 

For the rest of the year, how much time you invest in ODF is largely up to you. You’ll continue to have access to a vibrant online community, regular programming and frequent IRL happenings, as well as a community hub in SF.

Can people from outside the US join ODF?

We welcome global founders from all over the world to apply and join our community. We want founders to meet in person, then carry their relationships with them wherever they go. We encourage founders to try to spend as much time in SF as they can during the program. You will get the most value from participation if you take this as an opportunity to invest in building your Bay Area network.

Additionally, the community mainly consists of founders whose companies are selling to US/EU/LATAM-based customers. Our programming is also mostly geared towards US-based startups, and happens mostly on US-friendly hours. If you are not planning to sell to US/EU/LATAM customers, you may find less utility from ODFs.

What's included in ODF?

When you join ODF, you get:

✅  Four weeks of onboarding alongside 100+ high-momentum founders

✅  A year of access to the ODF community, including 2,500+ talented alumni and weekly events

✅  Access to our legendary Slack and Community Platform

✅ Thousands of hours of recorded workshops and how-tos

✅ >$800k in perks from companies like AWS, Brex, and Carta

I have a company already. Can I still join?

Absolutely. ODF is for all early-stage founders, anywhere from pre-idea through pre-seed stage.

Will anyone else know that I joined?

Participation is held in strict confidence. Even if you’re happy to share, you are requested to respect the privacy of other members who aren’t ready to make their plans public.

How does the Admissions process work?

On Deck’s Admissions team accepts applications on a rolling basis. Check out ODF Admissions Process to learn more.

Will ODF be held virtually?

You can participate in ODF fully virtually. However, we have thriving alumni communities in many major metros, and host regular IRL events in startup-centric metros like San Francisco, New York, and London.

When does the next cohort start?

The next cohort of ODF (ODF17) kicks off in April with an in-person kickoff summit in San Francisco.

What does ODF cost?

Yearly membership for ODF is $2,990. This includes the 3-day kickoff summit, access to the San Francisco community space, 4 weeks of programming and our virtual community.

What are the guiding values for On Deck?

On Deck lives by four core guiding values, crucial to the culture we strive to foster in the community: Service, Confidentiality, Gratitude, Family.