The problem resonates. Show me Project Crew!

Turn your startup network

into a ⚡ superpower.

Project Crew is an experimental product from On Deck that helps you build and leverage your startup network. Increase your odds of success by colliding with the right people at the right time, every time.

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Assemble your crew

In building your crew of believers, you won’t have to start from scratch.

We make it easy to bring in your network — within and beyond On Deck — and organize your most important connections into Circles by relationship type, connection strength, or expertise. Or use Smart Circles to create the most relevant groups automatically.

A great network is about quality, not quantity. It only takes a dozen or so of the strongest and most relevant people you know to build your initial crew.

Ask for advice, celebrate progress, share gratitude, or request the perfect warm intro via your Circles.

Each believer gets just the relevant updates for them on your founder journey so they can swarm to support, and reply privately or publicly to spark discussion.

We supercharge your asks by routing them to relevant people in the broader On Deck community and surfacing related discussions from thousands of other founders.


Unlock value from believers and deepen ties

Once you’ve assembled your crew into Circles, you can confidently tap into the incredible people around you.

With Project Crew, targeting asks and updates at relevant Circles or individuals is a collaborative social experience, not a chore.

No more lengthy, generic distribution lists or thousand-person Slack feeds to parse through. Get the right updates to the right people at the right time, every time.

Search & filter the community

Easily find the most relevant people for you, and get notified when there are new members who meet the criteria you’re looking for.

Drive collisions by adding value for others

Offering your feedback, network, or time is the most reliable way to build valuable relationships. Others will do the same for you!

Make first impressions last

When you connect with someone new, we'll use context from your journey to present tested live and async formats for first meetings.

More collisions, more momentum

Post-collision, we’ll help you close the loop on follow-up. That might mean additional intros, growing your Circles, or surfacing relevant updates going forward.