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Land your next role at a breakout startup

The On Deck First 50 (OD50) fellowship combines a world-class community, expert-led workshops and personalized support to help you find your next role at a high-growth startup and accelerate your career.

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Cissy Hu
Product Management
Raj Kalsi
Big Tech
Seed Stage
Bray Wilcock
Marine Corps
Chief of Staff
Melissa Henderson
Lynn Petesch
Climate Tech
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Gain a recognized credential while you:

Bring intentionality to your job search

Where you work is one of the biggest drivers of life satisfaction. OD50 will help you transition to a career at a startup that is more aligned with your interests, strengths, values, and goals.

Grow your professional network

OD50 will help you supercharge your network and career transition journey by plugging you into a supportive, engaged, and diverse community.

Access unique opportunities

OD50 is where the the world’s most exciting startups come to recruit talent. Unlock access to exclusive job boards, resources, and events only available to the On Deck community.

Why do fellows choose OD50?

OD50 helps you gain the skills, community, and support you need to build a meaningful career in the startup world.

Access to On Deck's vast startup ecosystem and exclusive job opportunities
Accountability & support in your job search
Curated and diverse community of peers
Career coaching from startup experts
Offer negotiation support
Access to Pave.com and Carta compensation benchmarking data
Skill building workshops to accelerate your career
Complete confidentiality, giving you control of how you share any news about your transition

Join intimate events with startup thought leaders

OD50 is designed to equip you with the skills and network needed for a lifetime of fulfilling job pivots.

Fireside Chats & Panels

Join discussions with investors, employees, and founders of leading startups to help you explore where you best fit in the startup ecosystem.

Skill Building Workshops

Participate in expert-led workshops to help you master key areas of your professional journey, from personal branding to networking and negotiating.

Cross-Fellowship Learning Opportunities

Attend events with other On Deck fellowships to dive deeper into sectors and job functions that most interest you.
Kelsey Bishop
Founder at Candor
Kelsey Bishop
How to Evaluate Job Offers
Jeffrey Bussgang
VC & Professor at HBS
Jeffrey Bussgang
Entering Startup Land
Pete Huang
Business Operations at WorkOS
Pete Huang
Early Employee Mindset
Bocar Dia
ex-Hootsuite, Sales Leader
Bocar Dia
How to Stand Out as an Early New Hire

Who should apply?

On Deck First 50 is designed for startup employees who want to be intentional about their next career move or professionals who want to pivot into startups.

alumni accepted from over 5,000 applications
of fellows have startup or big tech experience
# countries where our fellows are based
OD50 is perfect for you if...
You have a strong professional background and want to build your network
You want guidance and support for a potential career transition
You are seeking a holistic and intentional approach to level up your career
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OD50 is not a fit if...
You are not considering working for a startup
You aren't able to dedicate 2+ hours/week to participate in the program
You are already committed to starting your own company

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Our Success Stories

Health Tech Startup
OD50 was a life-altering event in the most positive of ways — I accepted a role at a mission-based startup that I found through Talent Demo Day where I get to work alongside brilliant and passionate people every day, and the bonus is that two of them are from my cohort!
Vic de Aranzeta
Director of Design @ Spora Health
Series A DeepTech Startup
I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have found my new role without OD50 — I met the founders through a Talent Demo Day! Special shoutout to my learning group for all the support and laughs during the process as well as the OD50 network for always being available to help.
Jeffrey Sefa-Boakye
Head of Customer Engagement @ Robust Intelligence
Product Manager
Startup Advisor
If you are an operating leader considering your next act in world-changing start-ups, highly recommend @beondeck’s OD50. The programming & community as part of this program is TOP notch. Your network and mindset will expand instantaneously.
Akanksha Manik Talya
Company Building Advisor, Various Startups
Social Media Startup
I knew I was interested in switching and doing something different, but I had no idea what that was. OD50 helped me look inside of myself and take the time and space to figure out what that was. The job search, in general, can be a very lonely experience, but having a community that is going through the same experiences, challenges, uncertainty, and being able to share new ideas to keep the momentum going was probably the most helpful about the program.
Eric Jacobs
Chief Innovation Officer @ Vaynermedia

Ready to level up your career?

Access to OD50 is $2,490 USD (lump sum or 4 equal installments). After acceptance, we’ll award need-based scholarships through the On Deck Access Fund.
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Who should apply?

To be a good fit for OD50, you are probably:

* An outstanding performer in your respective industry / job function
* Mentally ready for your next role, whether or not you currently have a job!
* Entrepreneurial, with a desire to help build an early-stage startup.
* Eager to be an active participant in a growing community, as much of the value of On Deck comes from the network and peer-to-peer connections.

What if I still work full time? Will my manager find out?

All sessions, content, and interactions are completely off the record, including any acknowledgement of a Fellow’s participation. Some OD50 Fellows choose to be public about their involvement, while many more do not, especially those who are currently employed full time.  

Everyone in the program is searching for something deeper in their next career chapter and making a big transition.  Many have not publicly shared this journey with friends, family, or employers. We and all Fellows will honor that.

Also note that speaker sessions are recorded, which is beneficial from a scheduling perspective, but also important for a Fellow who happens to know a presenter.

What other opportunities are there to connect with companies that are hiring?

OD50 presents a number of ongoing informal and informal opportunities for job seekers interested in the startup space. For example:

- We invite fellows industry-themed job fairs in partnership with other On Deck fellowships.
-We host bi-weekly recruiting events called Talent Demo Days, where we invite our favorite breakout startups to pitch their open roles to fellows.
- We regularly share exciting job opportunities in our invite-only Slack workspace, and our hundreds of alumni do the same.
- We provide access to On Deck’s Community Directory which allows you to search and connect with thousands of On Deck affiliated startup founders, investors, and operators.
- We have dedicated team members looking for job openings that will match your job search goals. 

What is included in the program tuition?

Our goal is to provide value that far exceeds the $2,490USD fee to participate.

By joining OD50, fellows can benefit from:
-an 8-week cohort-based learning experience
-career coaching from startup experts to help you with anything from figuring out where you fit to helping you negotiate a higher salary
-a team dedicated to helping you supercharge your network
-a steady stream of exciting startup job opportunities not shared anywhere else
-ongoing access to our Slack, Community Directory & Global events calendar (beyond the 8-week fellowship)
-ongoing support from the OD50 team
-hundreds of perks & discounts at startups

The opportunity cost of choosing the wrong startup is huge.  By surrounding yourself with a community of experts and peers, you can feel confident about making the leap to something new and exciting. 

Do you have scholarships available?

Yes! Our goal is to make the Fellowship accessible to the absolute best talent, no matter what their situation.

While many eligible applicants do have the means to support themselves, many others don’t. We’re excited to be able to offer scholarships to join the Fellowship through the On Deck Access Fund.

There are no fees to apply so please submit an application to be considered for the fellowship — you’ll have the option to request financial assistance if you receive an offer to join OD50.

What if I’m not based in the U.S.?

OD50 is a global community! In our last fellowship, 42% of fellows were not based in the U.S.

Accordingly, our events are virtual, timed with an international audience in mind (most sessions are at 8am or 9am PST). All events are recorded for asynchronous viewing, and time zones are taken into account when assigning fellows to Learning Groups.

Additionally, we do our best to source job opportunities that are open to hiring talent anywhere in the world. Please note that the majority of startups we work with are not in a position to sponsor U.S. work visas.

For those craving an in-person experience, there are also cross-cohort and cross-fellowship Slack channels that allow fellows to connect with others based in their local region for offline meetups.

Should I join OD50 or one of On Deck’s other fellowships such as Consultants on Deck or On Deck Founders?

If you are ready for a career transition, whether that’s to a new industry, job function, or stage of company, OD50 is the place for you!

If you are happy in your current job, a job (e.g. OD Product Management) or industry (OD Fintech) specific fellowship is a better fit. Note that you should already be in the function/industry of the fellowship you are interested in applying to as these fellowships aren’t designed to help you pivot.

If you’re committed to becoming a founder as the next step in your career journey, ODF is the best fit for you. However, if you are trying to decide whether you want to found or join a startup, then OD50 is a better fit to consider your options.

Note: we still offer a lot of cross-over programming and networking events with the various On Deck fellowships!

Did we miss your question? Drop us a line and we will get back to you asap.