Connect and build with founders and operators in fintech

On Deck Fintech is a continuous community for people to come together to explore frontier themes in fintech.

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Onboarding is done in intimate cohorts every 4 months. Apply by October 1st to join the next cohort kicking off on October 30th.

Connect with a community passionate about building the next wave of financial services

Our fellows are founders and operators working on frontier ideas in fintech. They come from diverse backgrounds and they all share a strong spirit of service, a belief that startups can solve the biggest challenges in financial services, and a desire to move the space forward — together.

Ambitious Founders

Danielle Pensack
Adam Little
Laura Spiekerman
Shannon Goggin
Frida Leibowitz
Roger Morris
Trisha Kothari
Kurtis Lin

Experienced Operators

Hanna Zaidi
Director of Regulatory R&D
David Axler
GM of fintech
Hannah Dorfman
Product Manager
Matt Janiga
General Counsel
David Ikenna Adams
VP of Payments
Manjot Pahwa
Product Manager
Hannah Arnold
VP of Business Development
John Piazza
Manager of Corporate Strategy
Ashton Simmons
Regulatory and Product Counsel

Exchange ideas with the best in fintech

Join a diverse set of practitioners and thinkers dedicated to building impactful solutions to the biggest challenges in financial services.

Supportive community

Get the support you need to achieve your goals from a close-knit community of fintech founders and operators.

Peer-to-peer knowledge sharing

Navigate the evolving landscape, changing regulations and emerging technologies through peer-to-peer knowledge sharing.

Navigate the fintech ecosystem supported by intimate masterminds with trusted peers

Growing alone can be tough. ODFintech is a place for confidential, meaningful conversations. You’ll get invaluable support from a network of capable peers who understand the challenges you face and want to see you reach your individual goals.

Regular check-ins

Join bi-weekly small group conversations with others who are at similar stages of their careers and startup journeys.

First-hand advice

Work through your challenges in a supportive environment and get practical tips and guidelines from individuals who’ve been in similar situations.

Meaningful connections

Develop deep relationships with talented peers from around the world that will last far beyond your masterminds.

Access industry specific content you won’t find anywhere else

Acquire fintech-specific frameworks, knowledge, and skills via thematic deep dives from experts, live tactical sessions from industry practitioners and an extensive library of content.

Thematic deep-dives from experts

Regularly expand and refresh your knowledge on variety of in-demand and relevant industry topics that you can apply immediately to your day-to-day

High signal sessions with industry’s best

Join intimate deep dives and fireside sessions with top guests

Ever-growing library of content

Enjoy ongoing access to a database of recorded sessions so you can learn on your own schedule
Fintech Flywheels In Platforms & Marketplaces
Ariana Poursartip (Merchant Services Leadership team at Shopify
Alex Danco (Product Lead at Shopify)
Fireside chat
Dave Matter (Ex CPO at Marqeta)
Ahmed Siddiqui (VP of Product at Branch)
Building Embeddable Banking In Vertical Software
Itai Damti (Cofounder of Unit)
Tobenna Arodiogbu (Cofounder of CloudTrucks)
Building And Consuming Infrastructure
Laura Spiekerman (Cofounder of Alloy)
Amanda Peyton (Founder of Braid)
Contrasting European & North American Ecosystems
Simon Taylor (Cofounder of 11:FS)
Yann Ranchere (Partner at Anthemis Group)
Fireside Chat
Robyn Ross (Chief Core Operations Officer at Wealthsimple)
Steph Choo (General Partner at Portag3 Ventures)

Past speakers:

Matt Harris
Bain Capital Ventures
Frank Rotman
QED Investors
Kathleen Utecht
Managing Partner
Core Innovation Capital
Ronak Daya
Head of Product for Small Business Lending
Michael Sindicich
TripActions Liquid
Chinedu Eleanya
Founder and CEO
Saira Rahman
Head of Finance
Shara Chang
General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer
Lindsay Davis
Head of Markets

Everything you need to make an impact in fintech, for years to come

On Deck Fintech is a life-long community with a 4-week immersive onboarding to help you build lasting relationships from Day 1.
Application Process
Fill out the application form to be considered for  ODFintech
We review each application, putting special emphasis on our core values
Successful candidates will be invited to an interview with the Program Director
4-Week Onboarding
Welcome aboard! The next 4 weeks is an opportunity to get immersed into the community and learn how to navigate On Deck to achieve your goals for the years ahead!
Attend kick-off and orientation sessions
Meet up with your curated connections
Join community mixers and build connections with your fintech tribe

Life-long Community

The onboarding was just the beginning! Once complete, you can officially start benefiting from ongoing access to everything your ODFintech membership has to offer
Signature sessions with world-class speakers
Access to the On Deck Directory
Social and networking events
Small group and 1:1 mentorship
Curated connections with other members
Mastermind sessions with trusted peers
Opportunity to explore other options within the On Deck ecosystem

Apply to On Deck Fintech

The ODFintech membership is $2990/year. Payment plans are available.
Apply Today
Onboarding is done in intimate cohorts every 4 months. Apply by October 1st to join the next cohort kicking off on October 30th.

Here’s what others have been saying about their ODFintech experience

As a female founder, On Deck Fintech has created an inclusive space to deep dive, build community and life long partners. OD is changing the startup ecosystem as well as addressing the needs of previously underrepresented individuals. The perfect place to reiterate, accelerate and grow your company!

Victoria Case, Founder, Untitled_

ODFintech is the perfect place to meet experts and learn across the breadth of fintech, whether payments, lending, banking, etc. I love how collaborative On Deck is - everyone in the cohort brings unique expertise, and learning from passionate peers has made the experience invaluable!

Sophia Goldberg, Product Manager, Adyen

ODFintech is everything and everyone you need to start a career, build a company, scale a business and get onboarded into the fintech ecosystem globally. The scale they do this at is incredible too. Think the accelerator and business school models will be killed by this new gen phenomenon On Deck has pioneered.

Naré Vardanyan, Cofounder, Ntropy

ODFintech is the best on-ramp to an amazing fintech community! As an infrastructure founder, I love having amazing operators, investors and fellow founders with relevant experience just a message away!  Whether you want to bounce off ideas on card payments to embedded lending, or learn about fintech in Latam, the diversity of what you could do as part of the group is limited by your imagination!

Aditya Goel, Cofounder, Sardine

If you have any association with Fintech, ODFin is the accelerant you need. It's unmatched learning and access to tacit Fintech know-how.

Ankit Singh, Cofounder, Vaya

Huge amount of high-quality resources, senior mentors, investors and a community of fellow founders.The on deck team is always on hand to help out and make the program exciting. This is how fellowship should be everywhere in the world!

Jay Dahal, Cofounder, Machnet Technologies


Who should apply?

To be a good fit for ODFintech, you are probably:

  • A founder, operator or someone seeking a new role in fintech
  • You are committed to building the future of financial services and have a deep interest in one of the focus areas (embedded fintech, emerging infrastructure or new products enabled by the infrastructure)
  • For founders, stage can range from pre seed to growth stage
  • For operators, we’re looking for mid to senior career fellows with deep functional expertise looking to launch or scale financial products
  • For job seekers, we are looking for fellows committed to finding a role in fintech in the immediate future
  • You should be excited about being both a mentor and a mentee to other fellows with different levels of experience and backgrounds. The goal is that you'll be leaving the fellowship with meaningful, deep relationships in the fintech ecosystem that you can carry throughout your career
  • You should be eager to be an active participant in a growing community, as much of the value of On Deck comes from the network and peer to peer learning
What does it cost?

Annual membership costs $2990 a year. Payment options are available.

Are there scholarships or financing options available?

Our goal is to make the Fellowship accessible to the absolute best talent, no matter their financial situation.

All Fellows have the option to pay in four monthly installments (with no interest or additional charges). We also have a limited number of scholarships available thanks to our Access Fund. Information about scholarship applications will be provided to accepted Fellows closer to the kickoff date.

What is the time commitment?

Between attending sessions, meeting others 1:1, socials and mastermind groups, you can expect to spend ~2 hours per week engaging with the community throughout the annual membership. We recognize that everyone in the program is working full time with busy schedules and a lot of personal commitments so engagement may vary week to week and that’s ok.

The weekly time commitment for the first 2-3 weeks would be much higher (3-4 hours) for us to onboard you.

Is this a fully remote membership?

Yes: the programming will be run entirely remotely. This enables participation from all corners of the world. We will host meetups in cities we have critical mass in all over the globe. There will be lots of self organized meetups as well.

How global is the membership?

Currently, the vast majority of the members are from the US, Canada and UK. We plan on slowly and intentionally expanding into new geographies. Regulatory nature of financial services makes it difficult to go very global right out of the gate. We plan on increasing membership from APAC in the next cohort.

When can I apply and when does the membership kickoff?

We accept applications on a rolling basis. Upon acceptance, you’ll be invited to join the next onboarding cohort. There are currently 3-4 onboarding cohorts in place per year. The next cohort kicks off in November. To be considered for this cohort, you must apply by Oct 1st.

What happens after the first year of membership?

After one year of membership, you will have the opportunity to renew your membership. If you choose not to renew your membership, you will lose access to all On Deck platforms, networks, and content.

Did we miss your question? Drop us a line and we will get back to you asap.