On Deck Drop: Miami tech with keith rabois

Forge lasting relationships with top builders in Miami

Miami Tech with Keith Rabois is a one-off, 4-week experiential program hosted in partnership with On Deck. It brings together founders, operators, and investors to explore ideas, build projects and grow their networks – all in the burgeoning Miami technology ecosystem.

Meet the Program Cohost

Keith Rabois

Keith Rabois has a unique and unparalleled track record as an entrepreneur, executive and investor. He began his career in the industry as a senior executive at PayPal and subsequently served in influential roles at LinkedIn, and as Square’s COO. As a board member, Keith guided Yelp and Xoom from inception to successful initial public offerings. Currently a General Partner at Founders Fund, Keith has led investments in companies such as DoorDash, Affirm, Forward Health, Faire, and Stripe. Simultaneously, he also invested in other like-minded entrepreneurs with early stakes in YouTube, Palantir, Lyft, Airbnb, Eventbrite, Wish and Quora.
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Learn from a group of top tech leaders

Here are just a few of the phenomenal leaders who participated in On Deck Miami.
Mayor Suarez
Mayor of Miami
Glen Allison
COO at On Deck
Alice Lloyd George
Founding Partner at Rogue
Lucy Guo
Co-founder at Scale AI
Michael Solana
Vice President at Founders Fund
Delian Asparouhov
Chairman at Varda
Nadia Eghbal
Head of Writer Experience at Substack
Michael Sayman
Product lead, Roblox
Aneel Ranadive
Managing Partner at Soma Capital
Dani Grant
Co-founder at Jam
Lindsay Holden
CEO, Long Game
Maria Derchi Russo
Executive Director, Refresh Miami
Geoffrey Woo
Co-founder and Executive Chairman at H.V.M.N.
Eade Bengard
Freelance Copywriter
Anthony Pompliano
Investor at Pomp Investments
Matteo Franceschetti
Co-founder and CEO at Eightsleep
Bobby Goodlatte
Managing Partner at Form Capital
Suzy Ryoo
President at Q&A
Eric Kami
Founder of Tribe Socks, Xoogler
Zao Yang
Co-founder, Farmville
Erik Torenberg
Village Global, On Deck
Lisha Li
CEO at Rosebud AI

Program Structure

Over the course of four weeks, a group of 100 builders came together to explore ideas, build projects and grow their networks in the burgeoning Miami technology ecosystem.
Peer-to-peer sessions led by Program Partners
Join expert-led sessions on a range of topics from fundraising to team building and product development. 
Fireside Chats
Listen to incredible stories about entrepreneurship, tech and innovation from experienced operators.
Coworking Space
Join other participants in a space that’s all about collaboration, brainstorming and getting things done.
On Deck Drop: Miami tech with keith rabois

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Who should apply?

Who should apply?

Miami Tech with Keith Rabois will bring together top builders from all walks of life.

To be a fit for the program, you are probably:

  • A talented member of the tech ecosystem (employee, angel investor, VC, founder, etc)
  • Looking to explore Miami’s burgeoning tech ecosystem
  • Eager to be an active participant and contributor in events and peer-to-peer sessions, as much of the value of the program will come from the network and community.

Is this a one time thing?

Yes. Miami Tech with Keith Rabois was a Drop, a one-off exclusive program in pursuit of our mission to unlock the potential of the most talented people in the world. It was a one-time thing, but we are planning other events like this one — sign up to our waitlist to be the first to know about our next Drops.

Is this the same as an On Deck Fellowship?

No. This a one-time collaboration between On Deck and Keith Rabois. During the experiential program, fellows explore ideas, build projects and grow their networks in-person in the burgeoning Miami technology ecosystem.

Will you do more in-person programs as drops?

Maybe. We’re focused on our core fellowship experience, but if the opportunity arises, we might do another one!

What does it cost?

Access to Miami Tech with Keith Rabois costs $2490. We have limited scholarships available thanks to our Access Fund. Existing On Deck fellows will receive a 25% reduced rate. 

Information about scholarship applications will be provided to accepted Fellows closer to the kickoff date.

What is included in the application fee?

The application fee covers all events and programming costs. Housing and other expenses are not included.

Where will fellows live during the program?

Fellows will live wherever they choose. We’ll send recommendations for short term stays for people who want to live with other people in the cohort.

When should fellows arrive in Miami?

Fellows should arrive in Miami by the first event, which will take place on April 29. Venue details and start time will be posted closer to kickoff.

Will I get to spend one-on-one time with Keith Rabois and other speakers?

Keith won't be able to spend 1:1 time, but we will have a couple of Q&A sessions with him as a group. Additionally, he may or may not be leading a session at Barry's Bootcamp. :) Other speakers will be on a case-by-case basis, depending on their availability. We do encourage you to connect if possible while you are there!

What is the COVID Protocol associated with this program?

By participating, you're agreeing to abide by all of the following protocols. Safety is our top priority.

All participants must complete our COVID Acknowledgement Waiver prior to program start. You will not be allowed to attend any events until you have submitted the form. This will be shared upon acceptance to the program.

Our procedures are outlined in this document.

Did we miss your question? Drop us a line and we will get back to you asap.
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