On Deck Customer Success (ODCS)

Maximize your potential as a customer success leader

The On Deck Customer Success Fellowship is an 8-week remote program for senior customer success operators and executives who want to expand their knowledge, build customer-centric cultures and maximize their potential as leaders. Our curriculum combines modern CS frameworks, in-depth case studies, and a highly curated community of peers to help you empower your teams and collectively improve the customer experience of your organization.

Everything you need for effective CS leadership

Navigate the complexity of the CS industry with a highly curated network of CS leaders, practical business management strategies, peer-to-peer learning and much more.

Connect with fellow senior CS leaders

The ODCS expert community is a place for confidential, meaningful conversations. You’ll gain a network of capable peers who understand the challenges you face and are genuinely interested in your success.

Engage in practical knowledge-sharing

The discussions we’ll have are all based on real experiences from senior CS leaders. Speakers and peers will share actual business scenarios, with examples, to provide you with actionable takeaways.

Become an empowering leader

Gain new perspectives on leadership strategies to help empower your teams. Lend your expertise to further define the CS industry and outline the CS executive career path.

Join a community of customer success leaders

Community is core to ODCS. Here are just a few of the phenomenal experts and industry leaders participating in our first cohort.
Ellie Wu
Senior Director, CX Transformation at SAP Concur
Jeff Justice Williams
Enterprise CS lead, Box. Previously Global VP of CS, Stack Overflow
Leah Hill
Director of CS, ADP
Brian Lafaille
Global Head of CS, Google Cloud
Rupal Nishar
Director of CS, Conga
Laura Lakhawra
Previously Associate Director at SoftBank Robotics
Steve Schwartz
VP of CS, Carrot
Tanya Strauss
Director, Customer Success Strategy and Operations, ServiceNow
Shani Taylor
Manager, CS at Airtable
Peter Oelschlaeger
VP of Customer Success, Contrast Security
Natalie Cowie
Global VP, Enterprise Service Sales & Management, Vonage API Group
Mike Lee
Director of CS at Spreedly & Chairman of Durham Public Schools
Barrett Summerlin
VP of CS, Threatswitch
John Jenkins
Senior Director of CS, Ruckit. Previously realtor.com
Laura Farron
Director of Client Experience, LeadMethod
Trish Kennelly
Experience at On Deck, previously VP CX at Remote Year

Apply for the Customer Success Fellowship

The inaugural cohort kicks off July 18. Access to the program is $4990 (or four installments of $1250). After acceptance, we’ll work with your team to expense some or all of the cost as L&D.


Our Fellows are the heartbeat of our community. Here's what they have to say.

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Sneh Ganjoo

Midway through ODF & every time I attend a session or interact with the community I have the same excitement as Day 0. I wish all founder communities were like this.

I have never seen a community that translates the true essence of business & ideas beyond borders before @beondeck

Meeta Sharma

Choosing to be a part of #ODW1 was easily the best decision of this year. I found a group of people who are invested in each other's growth and the growth of the creator ecosystem at large. Cannot recommend it enough.

Todd Goldberg

Teaming up with @beondeck here.

Whoever I hire will get to participate in On Deck's Chief of Staff Fellowship.

It’s an incredible community to connect with and learn from others doing the CoS role.

I'll cover the cost.

Aashni Shah

I'm in @beondeck #ODF4 for the last few weeks and it's easily the best decision I've ever made. It's a perfect combination of what I love about school - fun, engaging, incredible community and lots of valuable knowledge without the tests.

Plus the community is so so helpful!

Van Nguyen

Life after @beondeck is crazy good! The network is so powerful. @Auroreserete’s ODF cohort hasn’t even started yet and despite that she has helped me connect with 4 potential customers in completely new/different markets in record time. Thank you!

Matt Restivo

I thought I knew talented people. Then I joined @beondeck.

Terry Xu

Joining On Deck is like getting 1000+ mentors, 1000+ thought partners, 1000+ accountability partners, and 1000+ followers instantly.

It's too good to be true, but it's true.

2021 will be the year where On Deck becomes known to all new entrepreneurs.

Carri Craver

The ODNC Slack is true mind boggling goodness. My expectations were sky high and it is better than I imagined.

The last time I felt this in awe I was standing on a mountaintop after a 2 day climb.

Enzo Cavalie

The fellowship still hasn't started and I just received gold nuggets.

Crazy how @beondeck is able to attract talented people with a great willingness to share and help others.

Quintin Woods

Founders 🤝 Angels

Instead of sticking all your money in a 1% yield savings account, invest in the future. @beondeck is the best place to do that!

Joey DeBruin

Not only is community the new scarcity, it's absolutely a cold-start problem. Before @beondeck, I hated "networking." After, I have the opposite problem: too many genuinely energy-adding connections which keep branching out into more.

Peter Yang

In all seriousness, I think quality cohort based programs like @beondeck are already starting to disrupt business school.

Celine Halioua

So thankful for the personal and strategic support (not to mention emotional!) On Deck provided for the last 2 months. Love the team & couldn’t recommend them more.

Happy to chat about my experience + refer.

Charlie O'Donnell

Why Colleges and Universities Should be Scared of the @beondeck Fellowship → https://bit.ly/3oLWyIC


The power of @beondeck - sent in a question about dealing with a difficult personal situation. Within 20 minutes, 4 people offered to share their personal stories in depth and 2 offered general perspective.

Curriculum & Speakers

Some of the all-star speakers joining us for our first cohort:
Nick Mehta
Allison Pickens
Dianne Del Rosso
Harnish Kanani
David Ulevitch
Disha  Gosalia
Marc Havercroft
Rav  Dhaliwal
Drew Banks
Jeanne Bliss
Maranda Ann Dziekonski
Lincoln Murphy
Loni Brown
Irit Eizips
Nils Vinje
Andrew Marks
Dave Jackson
Lauren Costella
Getting Started and Peer Immersive

ODCS 101

Learn how to make the most of the next 8 weeks

Peer and Industry Matching

Meet your peer team and align on goals, challenges, and opportunities
CS Business Management & Operations

Data Driven CS

Core frameworks, processes, and measurement

Customer Onboarding

Strategies for effective customer onboarding and tracking


Examples of effective customer engagement, churn prevention, and account growth strategies

Effective Analysis and Communication

Effectively analyzing the CS impact and communicating to stakeholders

C-Suite, Board, and Leadership Presentations 

Live case studies and reviews on how to present the CS ROI
CS Team Management & Leadership

Hiring, Empowering, and Growing teams

Best practices for keeping teams engaged and fulfilled

Remote Management and Culture-building 

Swap strategies for maintaining and improving culture in a remote environment
The CS Executive

Core Leadership Tenants

What it means to be a CS leader today (and how this is evolving)

Executive Career Path and Opportunities

Outlining the steps and skills to maximize current potential or move to the next executive level
Fireside Chats
Learn from world class speakers and develop your customer success toolkit with battle-tested frameworks.
Office Hours
Get help with your specific challenges like mitigating churn, improving onboarding and communicating CS ROI to multiple stakeholders through one on ones with industry experts.
Mastermind Groups
Meet with an intimate group of fellows throughout the program to share knowledge, support and connections in the ecosystem.

The On Deck Method

We're building a modern educational institution that redefines how community and learning come together. Being part of any On Deck program means you’ll have access to a community of world-class professionals. With every new program we launch and cohort we start, your network gets stronger.

Here are the cornerstones of the On Deck experience:

Deep Friendships

Our virtual fellowship programs provide members with community, education, and support. This is a place for cohort-style learning, but also deep personal connections.

Unparalleled Knowledge

There are limitless opportunities for learning and sharing here. You’ll get access to expert speakers, office hours, build weekends, and our session library full of curated content. Dig in!

Community Diversity

We’re proud to have a community diverse in culture, thought, and life experiences. This enables revolutionary ideas, inclusive solutions, and boundless growth opportunities.

Scaled With Software

We’re building in-house tools to improve how we share community knowledge, aligned opportunities, and helpful connections.

Engineered Serendipity

When everyone is going through a shared experience and seeking similar goals, incredible things happen.

Spirit of Service

One of the things we love most about our community is how willing and excited members are to support one another. This spirit is the strong heartbeat of the On Deck community.

Apply for the Customer Success Fellowship

The inaugural cohort kicks off July 18. Access to the program is $4990 (or four installments of $1250). After acceptance, we’ll work with your team to expense some or all of the cost as L&D.


What is the time commitment?

ODCS will have about 3 hours of programming per week which is optional to attend. However, we recommend thinking of this as a 3-5 hour weekly commitment to get the most from the program. Engaging with your peers is the most critical component so you’ll want to block time to meet other fellows and build relationships.

Who should apply?

To be a good fit for ODCS, you are seeking to join a curated community of experienced Customer Success leaders who have personally tackled a wide range of challenges and are ready to share their learnings. If you enjoy Customer Success because you genuinely care about the customer experience and you’re a high-performing operator or CS Executive, this program is for you.

What does it cost?

For the inaugural cohort, we’re offering the program at ODCS is $4990 (or four installments of $1250). If you’re accepted, we’ll work with you and your executive if you’d like to expense some or all of the cost of the program as part of your company’s L&D budget.

As a participant, you get access to:

* A 8-week program & curriculum, including live and recorded programming, breakout sessions and guided workshops.
* On Deck’s online community and On Deck Directory, where you’ll be able to search and filter the Directory and Slack community to learn more about your peers and ask or answer questions.
* Dedicated Mastermind groups with peers from diverse and similar backgrounds to build accountability and a support network.
* And ultimately, the life-changing opportunity to build relationships with high potential, high octane people. This community will likely follow you deep into your ever-evolving career.

Are there scholarships or financing options available?

Our goal is to make the Fellowship accessible to the absolute best talent, no matter their financial situation.

All Fellows have the option to pay in four monthly installments (with no interest or additional charges). We also have a limited number of scholarships available thanks to our Access Fund. Information about scholarship applications will be provided to accepted Fellows closer to the kickoff date.

What is the time commitment?

Between attending sessions, meeting other fellows 1:1, and curated expert groups you can expect to spend ~2-5 hours per week engaging with the program. We recognize that everyone in the program is working full time with busy schedules and a lot of personal commitments so engagement may vary week to week and that’s ok.

We have purposefully structured the program with your busy schedules in mind, allowing for structured content, a speaker series, and more curated small group sessions pairing those with challenges to those who have solved them before. We will also record and share sessions and engage asynchronous on Slack. This structure will continue throughout the 10 week program.

Is this a fully remote program?

Yes. ODCS will be run entirely remotely. 

‍Post-COVID, we’ll return to organizing offline programming like dinners, small gatherings, and retreats, but the core Fellowship will remain a remote-first experience.

Can I participate from anywhere in the world?

Yes. ODCS will be entirely remote. This enables participation from all corners of the world. We’ve spent multiple ODF cohorts mastering the playbook for building remote communities and relationship building online, and will apply the same approach here.

Post-COVID, we’ll return to organizing offline programming like dinners, small gatherings, and retreats, but the core Fellowship will remain a remote-first experience.

Did we miss your question? Drop us a line and we will get back to you asap.
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