Invest in hundreds of companies founded by On Deck fellows with a single check.

We invest $25-250k in early-stage startups and unlock our network to help them scale. Now, you can invest with us and get exposure to hundreds of high-quality deals with a single check.*

Invest in the On Deck Community Fund
*suitable only for sophisticated and qualified investors

Invest in top companies

The community has birthed hundreds of top companies like Stir, Levels, Contra, Pave, Loyal and Enveda.

Diversify your portfolio

On Deck will invest in at least 400-500 companies over the next 18-24 months, diversifying your portfolio.

Bet on a winning approach

Body: Our first fund, The Runway Fund, launched in August 2020 and is performing excellently, investing in companies like Pave, Phantom and AbstractOps amongst many others.

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Our companies have raised $1B+ from top VCs

Hired employee #1, then raised $63M including a16z and YC Continuity.

On Deck helped us hire our first employee, raise $900k in pre-seed, and accelerate our GTM motion within the network. Our Series B wouldn’t have happened without On Deck.

Matt Schulman
Matt Schulman ODF3
Founder and CEO
Raised $51M from True Ventures and Village Global.
Viswa Colluru
Viswa Colluru ODF3
Founder and CEO
Co-founders met at On Deck, then raised $7M from Paradigm.
Alex Masmej
Alex Masmej ODF7
Co-founder and CEO
Raised $7.65M from Craft Ventures, Tribe Capital, 8VC, Naval Ravikant.

I’ve hired 5+ employees (including execs), raised from 20+ investors, found 10+ customers, met 200+ awesome people, and made many dear friends through the On Deck community over the last two years.

Hari Raghavan
Hari Raghavan ODF2
Founding team & CEO
Raised $15M from Kleiner Perkins and Caffeineted Capital.
Aleksander Koenig
Aleksander Koenig ODF1
Founder & CEO
Major VC firms investing in On Deck fellows

How the fund works

On Deck Fund

Investing $25-250k


Invest alongside On Deck Ecosystem Fund (with institutional investors) for each company that On Deck invests in.

The fund structure aligns our community of investors with founders. Contributing to everyone's success is a key part of the On Deck network.

Apply to invest in On Deck companies

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Early birds have a greater chance of securing an allocation.

Commit for multiple quarters or yearly

AngelList is our partner for administering the Community Rolling Fund, making investment easy.

On Deck invests in world-class founders launching early-stage companies

The Community Fund invests alongside the On Deck Ecosystem Fund (with institutional investors) for each company that On Deck invests in. Our aim is to invest in 400-500+ companies over the next 18-24 months.

Contribute to founder success

Founders need advice, introductions, talent, and support to launch and grow. The Community Fund investors are in a great position to help them succeed.

Why a Community Fund?

The hardest thing about starting a company is not building a product but getting it in people's hands, getting the right co-founder, and hiring an early team. Aligning the On Deck community behind portfolio companies helps us unlock knowledge, talent, capital, and distribution.

Invest in the
Community Fund

Invest in the Community Fund with a quarterly or yearly commitment and own a portion of all companies that On Deck invests in.

$5,000/quarter minimum

Index on all deals the community fund invests in.
  • Annual or quarterly commitment
  • Exposure to all deals during the quarters you are subscribed
Q3 Applications open through June 30, 2022

We have funded 250+ companies over the last 2 years. We're just getting started.

Found customers, recruited a team, and raised $21.5M.

On Deck helped me recruit our team, find our first beta customers, and build a community of support to get through the challenges of the founder to CEO transition.

Sasha Orloff
Sasha Orloff ODF8
Founder and CEO
Co-founders met at On Deck, then raised $6.15M from Spark Capital.

On Deck has been transformational for finding my co-founder and meeting like-minded individuals. It brings together people who are exceptional, ready to start a company and the mentorship needed.

Mohamed El Mahallawy
Mohamed El Mahallawy ODF4
Co-founder and CTO
Hired early team, raised $10M including Uncork Capital.

On Deck was catalytic in the earliest introductions to angel investors which gave us the momentum needed for later rounds of fundraising.

Vance Roush
Vance Roush ODF2
Co-founders met at On Deck, hired early team, raised $4.5M from NFX.

I met my co-founder Alan in ODF2, we hired an account executive and growth marketer through On Deck’s talent programs, and that helped us raise from Felicis and NFX.

Maximus Greenwald
Maximus Greenwald ODF2
Founder and CEO
Co-founders met at On Deck, then raised $4M including a16z, XYZ Ventures
Joe Albanese
Joe Albanese ODF2
Co-founder and CEO
Raised $3.5M from USV.
Dani Grant
Dani Grant
Founder and CEO
Raised $20M from Felicis Ventures.

I hired my first engineer and my first designer via On Deck.

Conner Sherline
Conner Sherline ODF1
Founder and CEO
Hired a strategy lead and a designer, then raised $2.2M from Defy Ventures.

On Deck was instrumental to OfficeTogether’s fundraising and early hires. We hired a strategy lead from On Deck First 50 and a designer from On Deck Designers. I’ve also made some lifelong friends.

Amy Yin
Amy Yin ODS1
Founder and CEO
Raised $5M from General Catalyst, Box Group and Human Ventures.
Priyanka Jain
Priyanka Jain
Founder and CEO
Validated their idea and found first users, then raised $1.8M from Point Nine, YC, and Speedinvest.

On Deck helped find our first users, validate our idea, and connect us with the fund who led our $1.85M seed round.

Ferruccio Balestreri
Ferruccio Balestreri ODF5
Co-founder and CTO
Co-founders met at On Deck, then raised $3.8M from Founders Fund, General Catalyst, Lux Capital, and Village Global.

I met my co-founder and CTO Akshay thanks to On Deck. He's a force of nature and we complement each other perfectly.

Mike Shebat
Mike Shebat ODF8
Co-founder and CEO
Raised $56M from Accomplice. Kleiner Perkins, Gradient Ventures and more.
Shrav Mehta
Shrav Mehta ODF2
Founder and CEO
Validated their idea, got early customers, then raised $2.5M from Accel.

On Deck helped us validate our idea and connected us with our very first users, some of whom angel invested in our first round.

Ankit Pansari
Ankit Pansari ODF5
Co-founder and CEO
Acquired first customers, then raised $2.7M from Sequoia and On Deck angels.

On Deck helped me go from idea to MVP, acquire my very first customers, and raise $2.7 million from Sequoia Surge, Village Global and On Deck angels.

Nitesh Agrawal
Nitesh Agrawal ODF4
Founder and CEO
Made 5 key hires, then raised $12M from Elevation Capital and General Catalyst.

The On Deck Community helped me make 5+ key early hires, and raise a $12 million seed round from great investors.

Amrit Singh
Amrit Singh ODF2
Co-founder and CRO
Co-founders met at On Deck, then raised $12M from a16z.
Sam Corcos
Sam Corcos ODF2
Co-founder and CEO
Hired 3 key people, then raised $3M from Refactor Capital.

Our first three On Deck hires have set the bar quite high for candidates that will come through in the future.

Dan Miller
Dan Miller ODF4
Founder and CEO
Raised $4.5M from Lowercarbon.

What I absolutely loved about the experience (and want to continue recreating) are the Mastermind Groups that met once a week. It didn't matter if my work with Compound Foods caused me to miss programming or fireside chats, no matter what, I made time for that group.

Maricel Sanz
Maricel Sanz
Founder & CEO


What are the fees associated with the On Deck Community Fund?

The On Deck Community fund charges a standard 2% management fee and 20% carried interest.

Can investors increase, decrease, or cancel their subscription?

Once funded, subscriptions cannot be modified. Subscription amounts may not be decreased or canceled for the first four quarterly funds. Once the four quarters have passed, subscription amounts may be increased, decreased, or canceled at any time on a quarter-by-quarter basis. Subscriptions will automatically renew unless canceled. Once funded, subscriptions cannot be modified.

What happens if all my capital isn’t deployed within the quarter?

All unused contributions will be rolled over to the next quarterly fund, regardless of whether or not an investor is renewing their subscription.

How do I receive my K-1 documents?

The On Deck Community Fund is hosted on AngelList.

AngelList provides all investors their K-1s electronically and free of charge. Investors will receive K-1s for each quarterly fund, as necessary. For example if you invest for four quarters, you will receive four K-1s reflecting the underlying investments. AngelList will bundle all these K-1s together for you.

Is there a max quarterly investment?

Yes, the maximum quarterly investment in the On Deck Community Fund is $25,000. If you would like to invest more than $25,000/quarter, please contact

How do distributions work?

Subscribing LPs participate only in distributions from the quarterly funds they invest in. An LP has no exposure in portfolio investments of funds formed before their subscription was accepted or after it is canceled. Investors receive distributions as a quarterly fund exits its investments.

Distributions are typically made on a quarterly basis. There is no carried interest charged for quarterly funds, but distributions received by quarterly funds are net of carry and fees. Quarterly funds that have not exited all investments by the end of their term will be liquidated.

Disclosures — please read before investing.

The performance of past deals is not a guarantee of future returns. Investing in venture capital funds is inherently risky and illiquid. It involves a high degree of risk and is suitable only for sophisticated and qualified investors.

On Deck and its affiliates does not provide investment advice to investors. The information on this page should not be relied upon as research, investment advice or a recommendation of any kind. Information on this page is qualified in its entirety by the fund’s Limited Partnership Agreement, Private Placement Memorandum and Subscription Agreement, which should be reviewed carefully prior to making an investment decision. Please see these documents for full details regarding risks, minimum investment, fees and expenses.

The fund lead and the fund’s investment advisor have the right to waive or charge additional carry to certain investors. The fund’s legal name may be different than the name used above.This fund may accept new investors after the fund undergoes a valuation update. Certain potential investors in the fund may then have access to materially different information concerning fund value at the time of their investment.

Current or future portfolio companies in this fund may use On Deck’s hiring platform or subscribe to its carers platform, and may pay for access to these tools and services. This may create a potential conflict of interest, which you will consent to by subscribing in the fund.

On Deck's community funds are managed on AngelList. Please read in full the AngelList disclosures listed