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Match with founders in the On Deck network who are looking for cofounders and founding team members.

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We’re testing with a small set of users for our current sprint, and hope to expand our platform more broadly soon. You will receive updates on your request via email.

High-quality matches

The talent pool is curated by On Deck and consists of founders within ODF, the On Deck Community, and vetted external founders.

Methodology that works

We've helped hundreds of people meet cofounders and have a match rate of over 90%.

Engineered Serendipity

Cofounder Search is streamlined, curated, and fast – less than two weeks end to end.

We've helped hundreds of founders start companies that are now worth over $9 billion

Co-founder met at On Deck, then raised $1.4M from Contrary Capital, Hustle Fund, Dash Fund.
Jessica Chen Riolfi
Jessica Chen Riolfi ODF6
Co-Founder and CEO
Co-founders met at On Deck, then raised $7M from Paradigm.
Alex Masmej
Alex Masmej ODF7
Co-founder and CEO
Co-founders met at On Deck, then raised $6.15M from Spark Capital.

On Deck has been transformational for finding my co-founder and meeting like-minded individuals. It brings together people who are exceptional, ready to start a company and the mentorship needed.

Mohamed El Mahallawy
Mohamed El Mahallawy ODF4
Co-founder and CTO
Co-founders met at On Deck, hired early team, raised $4.5M from NFX.

I met my co-founder Alan in ODF2, we hired an account executive and growth marketer through On Deck’s talent programs, and that helped us raise from Felicis and NFX.

Maximus Greenwald
Maximus Greenwald ODF2
Founder and CEO
Co-founders met at On Deck, then raised $4M including a16z, XYZ Ventures
Joe Albanese
Joe Albanese ODF2
Co-founder and CEO
Co-founders met at On Deck, then raised $3.8M from Founders Fund, General Catalyst, Lux Capital, and Village Global.

I met my co-founder and CTO Akshay thanks to On Deck. He's a force of nature and we complement each other perfectly.

Mike Shebat
Mike Shebat ODF8
Co-founder and CEO

How it works

Request access

We review requests on a rolling basis. The earlier you request access, the better.

Request review

Your request will be screened within 2 business days on timing and experience. In the meantime, we'll email you a template to help structure your cofounder search. If you're a fit, you're in!

Receive suggestions

You’ll receive a curated pool of recommendations – swipe away! When both founders swipe right, we make an introduction.

Join ODF

If you meet someone with whom you want to start a company, you can join ODF and leverage the On Deck network for community, resources, and capital.  

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Get access to On Deck’s Cofounder Matching Platform

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How long will the process last?

Cofounder match suggestions will go out May 2nd and there will be a 72 hour matching period. A conversation will be generated for every match and you’ll have 1 month to connect and assess if you want to move forward together.

Who should sign up?

Anyone thinking about starting a company can request access, even if you haven’t committed to it full-time! We’ve noticed that in our past pilots, technical talent (backgrounds in software engineering design) tend to have the most success with regards to the amount and breadth of matches they make.

When do I need to sign up by?

To be considered for this sprint, request access by April 28th. There are 400 spots available in this sprint.

Will I be guaranteed a cofounder?

No, the cofounder search journey is similar to finding a partner. That is, it’s a big decision. We cannot guarantee you’ll find a cofounder.

How many matches will I get?

This will range widely and depends on a variety of factors, including your skillset, location and matching preferences. In past pilots, people with anywhere from 3-30 matches have felt like they had a successful experience.

Is this the same as applying to ODF?

No - by participating in this initiative, you will join a subset of the On Deck platform dedicated to cofounder search. If, by the end of one month, you are actively exploring a cofounder relationship with a member of the On Deck community, you can be considered for acceptance into ODF, with the community support and fundraising / investment expectations that come with membership. If you are not actively exploring a cofounder relationship with someone in the On Deck community after a month, the sprint will conclude until we run another. Of course, you’re always welcome to apply for any of our programs.

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