On Deck Climate Tech Fellowship (ODCT)

Come together to build world-changing climate companies

The Climate Tech Fellowship is a 10-week program for startup and climate experts looking to found, join, invest in, and advise climate tech companies. It is a space for fellows with deep and diverse subject matter expertise to exchange ideas, accelerate each other’s careers, and build impactful climate tech startups.

Bridge the gap between founders and experts

Navigate the complex regulatory, funding and technical climate tech landscape through a community of incredible peers.

Immerse yourself in the climate tech space

It’s no secret that the climate tech ecosystem is complex. It's filled with changing regulations and rapidly evolving technologies. We invite founders, investors and climate experts to share their insights on trends and opportunities in climate tech.

Find partners and expand your network in the space

Same mission, different backgrounds: Join a diverse network of experts dedicated to building impactful solutions together. The Climate Tech Fellowship is the ideal place to find your next partners, investors, advisors, and friends.

Validate & fund your climate idea

Validate your climate tech idea(s) with a close-knit community of climate scientists and entrepreneurs. Network with project finance, VC, catalytic capital, and grant experts who help you secure funding.

Join a community of entrepreneurs and climate experts

Community is the core of the Climate Tech Fellowship. Here are just a few of the phenomenal scientists, experts and founders who participated in our first cohort.
Sedale Turbovsky
Founder, OpenGrants
Peter Light
Cleantech Builder
Aina Abiodun
Former CEO, 8fit
Clea Kolster, PhD
Director of Science, Lowercarbon Capital
Michael Keating
Founder, Scoot
Monica Varman
Venture investor, G2VP
Kathleen Egan
Founder, Ecomedes
Etosha Cave
Founder, Opus-12, PhD
Ryan Allard
Former Senior Fellow of Transport and Buildings, Project Drawdown
Cassandra Xia
Founder, Work on Climate
Sierra Peterson
Climate Investor
Jamie Alexander
Director, Drawdown Labs

Apply for the Climate Tech Fellowship

The third cohort kicks off November 6. Access to the program is $2,990 (or four installments of $750). After acceptance, we’ll award need-based scholarships through the On Deck Access Fund.


Our Fellows are the heartbeat of our community. Here's what they have to say.

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Van Nguyen
Twitter logo

Life after @beondeck is crazy good! The network is so powerful. @Auroreserete’s ODF cohort hasn’t even started yet and despite that she has helped me connect with 4 potential customers in completely new/different markets in record time. Thank you!

Michael Houck
Twitter logo

Pre @beondeck: Vague ideas + working alone + unclear paths forward

Post @beondeck: More defined ideas than I have time for + 2 cofounders who love to hustle + a growing, unique business

Kamil Ruczynski
Twitter logo

The best thing you can do for your self-development in 2021?

Become alumni of any of the program. 🚀

Matt Harris
Twitter logo

At @BainCapVC we are huge fans of @beondeck, and thrilled to be involved in this Fintech Fellowship. We need more builders in fintech, and this program will be part of building, and diversifying, the pipeline.

Marcus Woxneryd
Twitter logo

I’ve heard that life after @beondeck is crazy good - powerful community. But no one told me about before. #ODNC1 Slack is absolutely buzzing! Reaping the benefits in week -1. 🤯

Jordi Hays
Twitter logo

Two days into @beondeck ODF4 and it’s already very clear the next 8 weeks will be very special.

The value of an MBA, a fraction of the cost, and 10X as fun. Bravo @eriktorenberg @david__booth and company.

Aditi Parekh
Twitter logo

Searching the directory for any startup-related questions before searching on Google or Twitter 🤟

CS Freeland
Twitter logo

Wish I was a part of every @beondeck cohort lol. What a badass concept, and they are really changing the game. Can’t wait to see the outcomes next year.

Carri Craver
Twitter logo

The ODNC Slack is true mind boggling goodness. My expectations were sky high and it is better than I imagined.

The last time I felt this in awe I was standing on a mountaintop after a 2 day climb.

David Hoang
Twitter logo

I’m so glad I decided to do @beondeck’s writing fellowship. The weekly writing workshops are so helpful. In addition to the writing, it’s great connecting with other writers and brainstorming.

One idea is called “Design Management: Year One.”


Dan Stern
Twitter logo

The kickoff for @beondeck ODW1 was the best onboarding experience I've ever had.

Huge props to @eriktorenberg and @maxnuss and team for making 3 hrs of zoom actually enjoyable

Mike MacCombie
Twitter logo

The quality of ODF companies that pitched today were fantastic - congrats to the whole @beondeck team for putting together that demo day.

Griff Foxley
Twitter logo

Will @beondeck please just right now setup an annual pass type thing so I can just be apart of every damn thing they offer?

Katherine Lynn
Twitter logo

I continue to be impressed with the overall program, caliber of fellows, and the ODF employees! (Plus some sweet music playlists during events and I got to practice rap w/ @eriktorenberg during kickoff.)

Happy to be in ODF5!

Joey DeBruin
Twitter logo

Not only is community the new scarcity, it's absolutely a cold-start problem. Before @beondeck, I hated "networking." After, I have the opposite problem: too many genuinely energy-adding connections which keep branching out into more.

On Deck Sessions

Learn from renowned climate tech leaders and your peers through frequent knowledge-sharing sessions.
Fireside Chat with Bill McKibben
Fireside Chat
Fireside Chat with Bill McKibben

Bill McKibben


Founder and Senior Adviser Emeritus of 350.org

Fireside chat

Fireside Chat with Bill McKibben

Bill McKibben
Founder and Senior Adviser Emeritus of 350.org

About this session

Bill McKibben is founder and senior adviser emeritus of 350.org. His 1989 book The End of Nature is regarded as the first book for a general audience about climate change. In this talk he discusses how to talk about climate change in a way that motivates action, how to address the scale of the problem with big systemic changes, and many other topics of interest.

Catalytic Capital in Climate Tech
Speaker Series
Catalytic Capital in Climate Tech

Amy Duffuor, Principal at Prime Impact Fund


and Alicia Seiger, Lecturer, Innovator, and Catalyst at Stanford Law School

Fireside chat

Catalytic Capital in Climate Tech

Amy Duffuor, Principal at Prime Impact Fund
and Alicia Seiger, Lecturer, Innovator, and Catalyst at Stanford Law School

About this session

Join us for an introduction to catalytic capital and a discussion about the role it plays in the advancement of climate tech companies!

About the speakers:

Amy Duffuor is a Principal at Prime Impact Fund, with responsibility to identify and evaluate investment opportunities, serve on company boards, and manage investments toward business and impact goals. Her professional background spans business, finance, and impact across three continents.

Prior to Prime Impact Fund, Amy was a renewables and power investment banker at Bank of America. There, she worked with CEOs of public and private companies to raise investment capital including the IPO of Sunnova (NYSE: NOVA), a residential solar company initially valued at approximately $1 billion. Before her stint on Wall Street, Amy ran early-stage social venture accelerators around Southeast Asia for a Singapore-headquartered impact investing firm called Impact Investment Exchange. Earlier in her career, Amy was a management consultant at State of Flux, a London-based consulting firm that specializes in supply chain and procurement. She serves as a board member for Prime Impact Fund portfolio companies Clean Crop Technologies and Noon Energy in addition to serving on the board of the Northeast Clean Energy Council (NECEC). Amy holds a B.A. from Columbia University, an M.Phil with Distinction from the University of Oxford, and an MBA from The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

Alicia Seiger is a lecturer at Stanford Law School and leads sustainability and energy finance initiatives at Stanford Law, Graduate School of Business and the Precourt Institute for Energy. Alicia serves as Managing Director for both the Stanford Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance and the Sustainable Finance Initiative. Her work focuses on business and financial innovations to accelerate the transition to a decarbonized, equitable, and climate resilient global economy.

In 2018, Alicia was appointed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli to serve on the first-ever Decarbonization Advisory Panel for the $209 billion New York State Common Retirement Fund. She also serves on the boards of Ceres and PRIME Coalition, and co-founded Stanford Professionals in Energy (SPIE). In 2014, she created Investing in a New Climate, an investor workshop series to help asset owners manage climate risk and capitalize on innovation opportunities.

A serial entrepreneur and pioneer of new business models, Alicia has been designing and executing climate and energy strategies for businesses, foundations, investors, and NGOs since 2004. She has served on the management teams of multiple startups, including at TerraPass, a pioneer of the US carbon offset market, and Flycast Communications, one of the world’s first web advertising networks.

Alicia holds an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, where she also worked as a case writer for the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, and a BA in Environmental Policy and Cultural Anthropology from Duke University. A native of Silicon Valley, Alicia lives in Menlo Park with her husband and two daughters.

Grand Challenges of Deep Decarbonization
Speaker Series
Grand Challenges of Deep Decarbonization

Shayle Kann


Partner at Energy Impact Partners

Fireside chat

Grand Challenges of Deep Decarbonization

Shayle Kann
Partner at Energy Impact Partners

About this session

Shayle Kann is a Partner at Energy Impact Partners, a $1.5bn venture capital firm investing in companies shaping the energy landscape of the future. He leads the firm's efforts in deep decarbonization, investing at the frontier of climate tech, and is co-host of the popular energy podcast The Interchange.

In this session, Shayle talks through his grand strategic vision for decarbonizing the economy, including a long-term roadmap for decarbonization and tactical steps to get there.


Curriculum & Speakers

Some of the speakers who joined us for our first cohort:
Albert Wenger
Emily Reichert
Shayle Kann
Mary Catherine Lader
Kate Gordon
Jane Zelikova
Ilan Gur
Jason Jacobs
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Navigating the Climate Tech Fellowship

Learn how to navigate ODCT and interact with fellows.
Purple dot
Navigating Climate Tech

Understanding the climate tech ecosystem

Learn about the history and current status of climate tech.

The future of climate tech

Hear from a few of the people shaping the direction of this industry

Direction setting

Figure out what you want to do next and get help attaining it
Purple dot
Sector-specific Programming

Climate deep dives

Learn from outside experts and peers in your cohort.
Purple dot
Entrepreneurial Programming

Climate Business Model creation

Learn from top climate tech leaders willing to share their personal journeys with fellows.


Understand best practices for grant-writing, project finance, raising from VCs and more.

Policy, Regulation, and Legal

Learn how to navigate building and growing a climate tech company in a rapidly changing world.
Purple dot

Build Sprint

The fellowship will culminate in a 3-week build sprint to build on existing projects/startups or something new from scratch. Investors will have the opportunity to mentor and advise these builds and/or join an investor focus group during this time.
Mastermind Groups
Meet with a small group of fellows throughout the fellowship to share knowledge and contacts.
Build Sprint
Hack on existing projects/startups or build something during the last 3 weeks of the program.
Climate Library
Full access to a carefully curated Climate Library with copious literature on climate tech.

The On Deck Method

We're building a modern educational institution that redefines how community and learning come together. Being part of any On Deck program means you’ll have access to a community of world-class professionals. With every new program we launch and cohort we start, your network gets stronger.

Here are the cornerstones of the On Deck experience:

Deep Friendships

Our virtual fellowship programs provide members with community, education, and support. This is a place for cohort-style learning, but also deep personal connections.

Unparalleled Knowledge

There are limitless opportunities for learning and sharing here. You’ll get access to expert speakers, office hours, build weekends, and our session library full of curated content. Dig in!

Community Diversity

We’re proud to have a community diverse in culture, thought, and life experiences. This enables revolutionary ideas, inclusive solutions, and boundless growth opportunities.

Scaled With Software

We’re building in-house tools to improve how we share community knowledge, aligned opportunities, and helpful connections.

Engineered Serendipity

When everyone is going through a shared experience and seeking similar goals, incredible things happen.

Spirit of Service

One of the things we love most about our community is how willing and excited members are to support one another. This spirit is the strong heartbeat of the On Deck community.

Apply for the Climate Tech Fellowship

The third cohort kicks off November 6. Access to the program is $2,990 (or four installments of $750). After acceptance, we’ll award need-based scholarships through the On Deck Access Fund.


What is the goal of On Deck Climate Tech?

Many great entrepreneurs and technologists want to help solve the paramount problem of our times, but they often don't know where to start or who to talk to. And many climate tech experts want to build companies alongside entrepreneurial talent. But right now, their communities are generally siloed with little overlap. This Fellowship bridges that gap.

ODCT brings together 150 startup and climate experts and helps them navigate the complex regulatory, funding and technical landscapes through a community of incredible peers. ODCT Fellows explore ideas, meet collaborators, and start, grow, and support companies in the climate tech space. 

On Deck has already launched over 330+ companies that have raised over $250m. We are focusing on climate to create serendipity for truly innovative and scalable climate tech solutions. Ultimately, the Fellowship's goal is to accelerate the speed at which talented people can contribute to the climate tech space through community, content, and structure you’ll need for the next 70+ years of climate innovation.

Who should apply?

The complexity of the problem of climate change has created an unmet demand for talent of all types — from policy wonks to hardware engineers, and from corporate consultants to scientists. All types of people are needed, and all will play a part in building the paramount industry of our times.

During our selection process, we look for three things:

1. Expertise & Experience

  • We look for candidates with world-class experience in tech, entrepreneurship, or deep domain knowledge in climate. You may be a climate scientist, policy expert, investor, founder, or employee at a climate tech company. Alternatively, you are likely an entrepreneur, tech employee or part of the corporate workforce in other industries determined to make a positive impact through a climate tech startup.
  • If you are a startup expert, we look for founder, early employee, or VP/C-suite experience (you may also be an investor or advisor to compelling companies, have audacious side projects, etc.)
  • If you are a climate expert, we look for a background that clearly demonstrates deep expertise in at least one aspect of climate science (PhD or rigorous academic background, experience building climate tech companies, etc.)


2. Timing

  • We prioritize people with a bias for action. This means we look for those building or on the verge of building. Those Fellows tend to gain the most value from our programs.
  • We also prioritize people with a demonstrated commitment and aptitude for advising, investing in, or otherwise supporting early to mid-stage climate tech companies.
  • We welcome all stages of ideas and companies. You may come into the Fellowship openly exploring or looking to latch onto others' ideas. You may come in with a specific idea or MVP/prototype. Or you may have a company that you're actively building and raising more funds for.

3. Spirit of Service

  • We look for individuals who show a "spirit of service". Community is the core value of ODCT — we look for individuals who care about contributing to this community, helping others, and impacting the entire climate tech ecosystem by helping to accelerate the rate at which climate tech companies form and make positive impacts.
What does it cost?

ODClimate Tech is an annual membership that costs $2,990/year ($1,490 for Fellows currently finishing PhD programs). All Fellows have the option to pay in four monthly installments (with no interest or additional charges). We’re also happy to work with your team, if applicable, to expense some or all of the cost through L&D. 

Our goal is to make the Fellowship accessible to the absolute best talent, no matter their financial situation. We run a need-blind application process and have a limited number of scholarships available thanks to our Access Fund. Information about scholarship applications will be provided to accepted Fellows closer to the kickoff date.

What happens during the Fellowship?

A new Fellowship begins every quarter (every January, April, July, and October). ODCT helps Fellows meet their goals of exploring ideas, meeting collaborators, and starting, growing or advising climate tech companies through networking and serendipitous connections with other talented and committed people in the climate tech space. This community of high caliber scientists, experts and operators will follow you deep into your ever-evolving climate tech career.

The On Deck Climate Tech Fellowship is composed of a mix of events and tools that help Fellows meet and engage with each other. Events range from socials and community events hosted by Fellows to discussions and office hours with leading experts in the climate tech space. Fellows have access to search and filter our internal Directory and Slack community to learn more about your peers and ask or answer questions. We also host climate-specific and cross-program build weekends with special guests and partners. All of this gives our Fellows unique opportunities to build relationships with scientists, founders, and experts across the climate tech space. 

After the initial onboarding weeks of the program, you also have a one year long membership at On Deck which gives you access to the climate tech alumni community slack channel and the directory. You'll have the option to join to renew this membership annually for continued access to all of what our community offers!

Can I participate from anywhere in the world?

Yes. ODClimate Tech will be entirely remote. We’ve spent multiple cohorts mastering the playbook for building remote communities and relationship building online, and will apply the same approach here. This enables participation from all corners of the world. 

Post-COVID, we’ll return to organizing some offline programming like dinners, small gatherings, and retreats, but the core Membership will remain a remote-first experience.

What happens after the first year of membership?

After one year of membership, you will have the opportunity to renew your membership. If you choose not to renew your membership, you will lose access to all On Deck platforms, networks, and content.

Did we miss your question? Drop us a line and we will get back to you asap.
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