"There is nothing like this forum to reinvigorate and expand your perspective."
Background: Former CTO of WeWork | VP of Product at Spotify | Product at Apple

Shiva is the former CTO of WeWork, Product at Apple, VP of Product at Spotify, and has directed product teams for multiple other companies including Google and Twitter. He has a BA in Molecular Biology from UC Berkeley and an MBA from The Wharton School. He’s currently based in San Francisco, CA.

He joined the On Deck Fellowship (ODF) for the opportunity to surround himself with new perspectives and engage with the startup landscape after being “heads down” for many years working for multiple Fortune 50 companies.  

Why Shiva joined On Deck:

I came to On Deck for two reasons. First, I wanted to use the time to explore new things both from an investment perspective and an advising perspective. Second, I wanted to potentially jump into something new. On Deck seemed like the perfect way to recalibrate with what’s interesting and happening in business right now. I used the program as a kind of school for myself. 

What his experience was like at On Deck:

I’ve started jumping into things I didn’t know much about. I really used On Deck as an immersive experience to dive into a lot of different things. I also used it as a way to challenge some of the assumptions I’ve had and see if they still apply.

How to get the most out of On Deck:

In addition to meeting an incredible group of people, there’s also exposure and huge density to a variety of different ideas and a lot of fresh eyes for problems that you may have developed a stale viewpoint towards.  

There is nothing like this forum to reinvigorate and expand your perspective. 

Other Alumni

Nick Fitz
Founder: Founder/CEO: Momentum | Co-Founder: Defeat By Tweet
"The size of the network and the curation of the people in it is so active and dedicated to helping each other. It’s like a living thing."
Amelia Lin
Founder: Amelia Lin is the CEO and Co-founder of Saga, an app that helps families save family memories.
"The level of helpfulness from founders who are further along than you and lived through the challenges you’re facing was above and beyond 99% of what I’ve found in other places."
Michael Jones
The Supercreator
Founder: Founder/CEO: The Supercreator
"There is a general expectation that writing fellowships are very tactical. Those things are valuable, but the humanity of On Deck is what has supported me in my writing life moving forward."