After being an ODS1 fellow, I sent my team through other On Deck programs: our Chief Experience Officer will be a fellow at ODD1 and our Community Manager will do ODCB1.
Background: Amanda is the founder and CEO of Fiveable

Amanda is the founder and CEO of Fiveable, an educational technology company committed to unlocking opportunities for young people through high-quality content, supportive communities, and interactive live experiences. Before starting Fiveable, she was a corps member at Teach for America and an AP World & AP Human Geography teacher at Skyline High School (Oakland, CA).

After being a fellow on ODS1, Amanda decided to send her team through other On Deck programs. Tan H, Fiveable's Chief Experience Officer, will be a fellow at ODD1. Jacob Gross, Fiveable's Community Manager, will be attending the On Deck Community Builders Fellowship.

Why Fiveable sends their teams through On Deck:

Fiveable is a company made of former teachers, which means we embrace growth mindsets and like to invest heavily in the development of our employees.

I am constantly learning myself, and I want the team to be constantly learning too. One goal we set up for 2021 is for our team to level up. We chose to do it with On Deck.

Specifically Amanda mentioned, her team is doing jobs that she does not have a background in. So when it came to the more specific roles,it's really useful to have the leaders in cohorts.

How Amanda describes On Deck:

I think of On Deck as a Rolodex of people going through things similar to what we're going through, whether that is a CEO in On Deck Scale, designers in On Deck Design, or community managers in On Deck Community Builders.

Her favorite part of the On Deck experience:

In addition to the great community Amanda really appreciated the Onboarding experience. Amanda described the onboarding process as, “it was clear I was surrounded by all these people that could help me. It was set up so it could be this give and take.” 

Amanda wants all her community leads to be part of the On Deck onboarding process so she can replicate it with her clients. 

Advice for teammates attending On Deck:

Turn on a Google alert and apply to the Fellowship that makes sense to you.

Other Alumni

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