Alumni Case Studies

Elizabeth Slavitt
Founder, Speakeasy | Former CMO at Khan Academy
"It’s a great place to feel like you’re not alone on what can be the very lonely journey of starting a company."
Amelia Lin
Amelia Lin is the CEO and Co-founder of Saga, an app that helps families save family memories.
"The level of helpfulness from founders who are further along than you and lived through the challenges you’re facing was above and beyond 99% of what I’ve found in other places."
Madison Campbell
Founder/CEO: Leda Health | Former Founder of Iyanu
"I can use On Deck as a resource to navigate any challenge that comes up for the rest of my career."
Nick Fitz
Founder/CEO: Momentum | Co-Founder: Defeat By Tweet
"The size of the network and the curation of the people in it is so active and dedicated to helping each other. It’s like a living thing."
Michael Jones
Founder/CEO: The Supercreator
"There is a general expectation that writing fellowships are very tactical. Those things are valuable, but the humanity of On Deck is what has supported me in my writing life moving forward."
Ann Ferracane
Founder Patch Ventures | Former Director of Growth, East Coast at Lyft
"They understand that organic and iterative connection is where the magic happens."
Shiva Rajaraman
Former CTO of WeWork | VP of Product at Spotify | Product at Apple
"There is nothing like this forum to reinvigorate and expand your perspective."
Sam Corcos
CEO & Co-Founder of Levels | Former Founder/ CEO at CarDash
"By just putting yourself in an environment with a lot of other interesting people, good things tend to happen."
Andrew Conner
Head of Engineering & Co-Founder of Levels | Formerly VP of Engineering at Kifi (Acquired by Google)
On Deck is how I met Sam, who is now my co-founder at Levels.

Community Spotlight

Nick Whitaker
Managing Editor, Works in Progress
Dave Nemetz
Cofounder, Bleacher Report
Sedale Turbovsky
Founder, OpenGrants
Shiva Rajaraman
Former CTO at WeWork; VP Product Spotify; Dir. PM at Google
Michael Vaughan
Former COO, Venmo
Morgan Beller
Co-creator, Facebook Libra
Andy Johns
Partner, Unusual Ventures
Sarah Guo
Peter Light
Cleantech Builder
Jack Butcher
Founder, Visualize Value
Ankur Nagpal
Founder, Teachable
Catherine Bryt
CEO, Sibi Health
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Matt Harris
Partner, Bain Capital Ventures
Cristin Pacifico
Manager, Strategy & Investments, TechNexus Venture Collaborative
Aina Abiodun
Previously CEO 8fit & Storycode
Ashley Tolbert
Senior Security Engineer, Netflix. Formerly NASA.
Celine Halioua
CEO, Loyal. CoS, Longevity Fund.
Deon Nicholas
Founder/CEO, Forethought
Nick Caldwell
VP Engineering, Twitter
Madison Kanna
Software Engineer, Keeper Security
Nabeel Hyatt
Spark Capital
Sharath Kuruganty
Product Evangelist, Draftbit
Aina Abiodun
Former CEO, 8fit
Li Jin
Angel Investor; Host of Means of Creation
Kevin Dious
CoS to CEO at Reddit
Elizabet Oliveira
Senior Product Designer, Elastic
Ruben Harris
CEO, Career Karma
Ali Abdaal
Doctor, YouTuber, Course Creator
Marie Poulin
Creator, Notion Mastery
Neil Batlivala
CEO, Pair Team
Ema Rouf
Meera Clark
Investor, Obvious Ventures
Anne-Laure Le Cunff
Founder, Ness Labs. Ex Googler
Sean Linehan
Co-founder, Formerly VP of Product, Flexport
Soona Amhaz
Co-founder, Token Daily
Jesse Genet
CEO, Lumi
Matt Mazzeo
Coatue Management
Michael Gill
Creator, Maker Minions/Cuppa
Clea Kolster, PhD
Director of Science, Lowercarbon Capital
Greg Isenberg
Founder, Late Checkout
Brianne Kimmel
Founder, Worklife
Dennis Yu
CoS and VP, PgM at Chime
Steph Schiller
Product Design Manager, Square
Amber Rae
Author, Artist, & Speaker
August Bradley
Founder, Year Zero & Life Performance Systems Course Creator
Candice Blacknall, MD
Christian Vizcaino Jordan
VP & Global Head of Trade & Financial Services, Flexport
Turner Novak
Investor, Entrepreneur
Nicolas Steegmann
Founder, Stupeflix (acq. by GoPro)
Yannick Kpodar
Global Director of Product Marketing, PayFit. Ex-LinkedIn & Dell
Elizabeth Slavitt
Founder, Speakeasy. Formerly CMO, Khan Academy
Neeraj Berry
Cofounder, Sprig
Ayishat Ankabi
Morgan Beller
Sisa Lleses
Captain, Design Off The Boat
Sahil Lavingia
CEO Gumroad; Angel Investor
Nadia Eghbal
Substack, Author of Work in Public
David Spinks
Founder, CMX
Maya Kuppermann
CoS at MainStreet
James McNab
Lead Designer, Forethought
Alex Lieberman
CEO, Morning Brew
Ali Abdaal
Creator, Part-Time YouTuber Academy
Eric Jorgenson
PM, Zaarly & Creator of Almanack of Naval Ravikant
Carolyn Casterton
Former Partnerships Lead, Verily (Google Life Sciences)
Laura Spiekerman
Co-founder & Chief Revenue Officer, Alloy
Adeleke Ademuyewo
Realtor, LA the Realtor
Yele Bademosi
Founder, Bundle Africa. Formerly Director of Binance Labs
Phin Barnes
Sneakerhead, VC
Celine Halioua
Co-founder and CEO, Loyal
Alice Lloyd George
Founding Partner, Rogue; Host of Flux
Greg Sands
Costanoa Ventures
Max Haining
Founder, 100 Days of No Code